Studying with a child is not always easy!
Guidebook "Studying with Children"

Students, who have to master parenting and childcare at the same time, are sometimes overwhelmed by the situation. This requieres a great organizing ability, perseverance, but also tenacity.
On these pages, you can find the much needed encouragement to accept the challenge and adventure ''Studying with Children''. It's doable! Many young professionals with children show that it is manageable as long as everything is well organized. It is still, without a question, twice the burden.

On these pages you will find answers for many questions, or you can find a suitable contact person for individual needs. Under the umbrella of the Bündnis für Familie in Karlsruhe, the following institutions make it their task to assist you as (expectant) parents and students:

The brochure is divided into topics. In the respective topic segments we compiled a variety of information and addresses regarding parenting and studying.

It is of great importance to everyone who was involved in the making of this brochure to give you the necessary support in this particular situation in life in order to graduate successfully.

Furthermore, with your assistance, we would like to approach family-friendly measures and entrench them into a family-friendly study and working culture to which some of us are dedicated in the context of the certification as a university suitable for families.
If you have questions or suggestions concerning this topic or if you seek advice, we and our partners would like to be at your service.

At this point we would like to thank Frau Dr. Soff of the Pädagogische Hochschule. Due to her initiative the “Projektgruppe Studieren mit Kind” (project group for studying with children) was founded under the umbrella of the Karlsruher Bündnis für Familie. Out of this project the “Arbeitsgruppe Broschüre” (work group “Brochure”) emerged whose members have all contributed to the successful outcome of the brochure.

Project team
"Ratgeber Studieren mit Kind"
International Student Center
Phone: 0721 6909-204

Contact person
Iris Buchmann