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New Project in the International Student Center

Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe Is a Part of DAAD’s New „Welcome“ Program!

Together with KIT – the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, the Technical University of the State Baden Württemberg - a new program sponsoring student refugees is being offered. As a part of the program for refugees, the DAAD, in correspondence with the Department of Education and Research, is offering the new program “Welcome – Students Campaigning for Refugees." Therefore, the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe has established a student refugee counselling in English and Arabic.

For more information, visit the International Student Center or send an email to

Sponsored by the DAAD in correspondence with the Department of Education and Research (BMBF)

Studying in a foreign country...

... this can be a challenge, but it also provides a chance to get to know different cultures and languages, to get useful experiences and to develop global perspectives, which are getting more and more important these days.

Here you can find useful information for when you find yourself in an new city or in a new country.

At the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe you can:


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