Workshop in Freiburg

The 12 participants of the workshop all had an international background. Some of the students were born abroad while others stayed abroad for a long time. Therefore, the word “international” must be seen from multiple perspectives.

All of the students have worked intensively on their projects. Even though only three of the participants were art students and the workshop didn’t finish until late Sunday evening, all of the projects have been successfully completed.

On the subject “Seeing with the Eyes of Others” many of the content was communicated through subject areas like eyes, looking, change of perspectives etc.

The workshop was designed in an open way so the workshop conductors were able to address the interests and concerns of the participants.

This is why the exhibition offers so many diverse projects, from experimental techniques in the analogous photo studio to digital installations via Photoshop. In addition, the projects included animated and Stop-Motion-techniques and real film with interviews.

Shortly after the participants had introduced themselves, the various opportunities within the different studios were explained. Followed by a PowerPoint presentation which illustrated the different techniques, the participants decided in which team they wanted to work.