Studying under Corona restrictions

Studying? It goes on!? But (almost) nothing is like before. For most student life is more limited, lonelier and anything but easier because of the corona restrictions:
  • - the motivation collapsed
  • - the mood is clouded
  • - the sports program rusty
  • - limited social contacts
  • - the topics monotonous
  • - the future and career plans frozen
Many students miss real people on campus and in their free time, live and in color. Others find it difficult to structure the day, because life takes place more than usual in their own room. And others are visited daily by worries and negative thoughts.

Due to Corona many things have changed. But we are still here for you!
Consultation can take please over the phone or in person. Please arrange an appointment during the office hours of our secretary.

You can find the first general helpful suggestions for dealing with the Corona conditions in our text „AHA-Momente: buchstabiert für Studierende (AHA moments spelled for students – in German).

IMPORTANT: Please follow the Corona protective measures when visiting the PBS:

Please enter the PBS or the waiting area with medical mask.

Please be on time for your appointment at the PBS, the consultation begins at the agreed time. We strive to avoid waiting times in our rooms.

Please do not enter the PBS,
- if you have Covid-19-like symptoms,
- if you had contact to a Covid-19-infected person in the last 14 days,
- if you went to a national or international risk area in the last 14 days.

In these cases, an agreed consultation can either take place over the phone or be postponed to an alternative time.

If you have your first consultation at the PBS:

Please arrange an appointment for a first consultation during the office hours of our secretary. If you want a consultation via phone, this is of course possible.

Please print the following documents and bring the filled out and signed to your first consultation at the PBS

- Corona protection measures (In German)
- Framework conditions for a consultation at the PBS (In German)
- Questionnaire
(In German)

In addition, please inform yourself about the data protection principles of the PBS, which you can view here:
- Information on data protection (In German)

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us, you are welcome!

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PBS Pforzheim