Round Table-discussions
Psychological problems while going to a University can be expensive for students as well as the universities; test repetitions may be required, study periods must be extended, and people may contemplate changing their major – or worse: dropping out. The students themselves are hoping for a good education, and the universities of Karlsruhe and Pforzheim are interested in and responsible for helping students graduate with success, even in cases of psychological distress.

With the above picture in mind, is it a good idea to gather different people and institutions at a table for discussion. Thus, PBS has regularly hosted Round-Table-discussions since March 2009, at which an interested group of participants, such as university personnel and those from ministries, headmaster’s offices, student unions, employment agencies, and student communities can come together. The presentations of data analysis from PBS-client-samples as well as keynote speeches on the related topics are key points of the discussions. PBS seizes the opportunity to inform a diverse group of people about common psychological problems, counseling services, and we seek to promote the development of a cooperative project on psychological stigma prevention and support.

The subjects so far:
  • "Students´ psychological problems - also a problem of the universities" (October 2009)
  • "Dropouts - causes and prevention possibilities" (October 2009)
  • "A problem with multiple facets - councelling work of the PBS as an example for learning difficulties and exam performance" (June 2010)
  • "The secret of success - how students and universities can contribute to a successful and healthy study" (May 2011)
  • "From school to university - challenges in a transit area" (October 2012)

The transcripts of the last Round-Table-discussions can be downloaded here (in German):
1. Round-Table-Gespräch am 23.03.2009
2. Round-Table-Gespräch am 08.10.2009
3. Round-Table-Gespräch am 28.06.2010
Anlage zum Protokoll des 3. Round-Table-Gespräch am 28.06.2010
4. Round-Table-Gespräch am 30.05.2011
5. Round-Table-Gespräch am 25.10.2012
6. Round-Table-Gespräch am 06.11.2013
7. Round-Table-Gespräch am 11.07.2016 Tagesordnung
7. Round-Table-Gespräch am 11.07.2016 Protokoll
Anlage Vortrag Prokrastination 7. Round-Table-Gespräch
Anlage Vortrag Auf dem falschen Dampfer? 7. Round-Table-Gespräch
Anlage Vortrag Studienabbruch - was dann? 7. Round-Table-Gespräch

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