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Please note:

The Social and Legal Advice is closed between 14.03.2022 and 18.03.2022.

If you need an appointment, please write to me, I will gladly offer you a consultation appointment after my return.

Legal Advice at the Studierendenwerk

Starting with your studies means not only studying hard and acquiring new knowledge, but also being independent in an entirely new phase of life and gaining rights and responsibilities that may be unfamiliar to you. This requires new social skills and legal knowledge. For example in dealing with the landlord, the employees of the university, the tax officer, the insurance agent or with us, the employees of the Studierendenwerk.

Social and Legal Advice

The Social and Legal Advice for students enrolled at universities in Karlsruhe and Pforzheim within the scope of our area of responsibility

We provide first-hand information in the fields of law and refer you if necessary to other offices. Due to many years of service we dispose of a large network of co-operation and contacts.

We don't provice legal representation, nor do we provide any assitance with the correspondence.

Please note that legal advice is only given in German.

Since its establishment on January 1st, 1995, advisory topics have particularly extended to the following areas that are typical for students:
  • Tenancy
  • Alimony law
  • Laws and ordinances on entry and residence
  • Social security and social rights issues, such as health insurance
  • Disability, pregnancy, studying with children
  • Income support, housing benefit, child benefit and child-raising allowance
  • General university regulations, esp. completion of exams
  • Second repetitions
  • Contribution issues

What do I need to bring to the appointment with me?

Please send with your appointment request the following documents:
- current enrollment paper as well as
- a picture of your student ID.

Please also indicate whether the advice is desired by phone or video chat.

Due to the current situation, the consultation is only available over the phone.

Office hourse
Mon-Fri 8:00 - 12:00

For appointments please send an e-mail with your current enrolment certificate and photo of your student ID.

Please note that legal advice is only given in

Head of department
Stephanie Desserich

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