Social Counselling

If you need help with your studies, your living situation, or the financing of your studies, you can also talk to the social advisors in the UStA. We are students ourselves and we would like to help you further. Several typical topics are:

  • Tuition financing
  • Living (Tenancy laws, search…)
  • BAföG (Application, hardships…
  • Insurance
  • Hardship application concerning exams

But you can certainly come to us with other topics. We have three advising times in the AStA, but you can always send us an email ( to arrange an appointment.

The advising times are:

  • Monday: 9:30 – 1:30 in the AStA container at Audimax
  • Tuesday: 1:30 – 3:30 in the AStA container at Audimax
  • Friday: 12:00 – 14:00 in the AStA container at Audimax


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