Dear parents,

Family center of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe
Today, the perception of family is very broadly defined. The diversity of family patterns is growing and the family portrait is experiencing major changes. Families are not static structures, but are changing their individual curriculum. A father-mother-child-family becomes a so called “one-parent-family”, which can change to a patchwork family, as soon as the mother or father moves in with a new partner. There is also the so called “copareting”, when separated parents share child custody. The social scientist Rüdiger Peuckert said that family is more and more multi-local. Today’s parents have a lot of questions regarding parenting and education. They have a high demand for information and often the desire for professional advice and assistance. In many cases, contact is sought with other parents, which are in a similar situation. In the light of the above, the state of Baden-Württemberg has launched the development of childcare facilities into family centers. The goal is to advice and help families. The childcare facilities of the Studierendenwerk have 95 spots. The intercultural work enjoys high priority, because the students’ children are from around the world. For years, the families have been given the opportunity to exchange views on intercultural similarities and differences in the sense of living together. In order to bundle human and spatial resources, the childcare facilities of the Studierendenwerk act as a family center, i.e. both facilities see themselves as places of education, support, advice, accompaniment and encounter and offer events in this regard. In this spirit, I wish you and ourselves a good cooperation and a warm welcome to diversity.

Michael Postert
General Manager

Here you can download the current brochure on the family center.