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Exmatriculated Parents
You must tell your health insurance provider about your de-registration. They will then advise you about what will happen next regarding your health insurance coverage. As long as you receive parents money you will stay student-compulsory insured. If you don’t have any further income, your health insurance will be non-contributory.
Dependents' Co-Insurance
Students usually have, until they are 25, a non-contributory, dependent's co-insurance (except if one parent is privately insured). The dependents are allowed to have a low income, but if they earn more than that they need an insurance of their own.
Freiwillig Versicherte
Optional Insurance
Statutory co-insured married partners are non-contributorily insured during parental leave.

Voluntarily co-insured marriage partners have to pay contributions even if they don’t have an income during that time. Half of the partner’s income will be used as a determination base for the contribution.

Single persons will have to pay a minimum contribution during parental leave even if they don’t have an income.

Compulsorily Insured
Students who are compulsorily insured can insure their children non-contributory in the context of the dependent's co-insurance. The children can also be co-insured with the other parent or with grandparents.

During parental leave, compulsorily insured students have to pay contributions for their health insurance (also during holiday semesters).

If you receive ALG II during your semester leave, the Job center (Arbeitsagentur) will cover your insurance contributions.

Private Krankenversicherung
Private Health Insurance
The coverage of private health insurance can vary greatly from one private health insurance company to another. Some preventive examinations during pregnancy and for the child afterwards especially are rarely paid in full, along with the costs of child delivery. You should inform yourself about all of your options before you choose a health insurance company.

Attention: Students from abroad should be especially careful with this!

Additional Services of Insurance Coverage
Insurance addionally usually covers the following areas for pregnant women:
  • maternity allowance, take a look at Studienfinanzierung
  • preventive examinations,
  • delivery nurse services
  • prenatal courses (for the mother, fathers have to pay their own share),
  • in-patient delivery,
  • domestic nursing,
  • domestic aid / family care
  • costs of meetings for advice with regards to contraception.

You should, however, ask your health insurance provider about these special services, because they’re sometimes only paid for when you have a certain medical certificate.
Further General Information
Further information can be found at the Bundesministerium für Gesundheit.

Please note: For individual questions please contact your health insurance provider directly.