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Maternity Protection Law
The money you get when you’re on a paid maternity leave is an income replacement benefit and will be paid independently from your health insurance status. A student with a dependents' co-insurance with a low-wage job can apply for a paid maternity leave at the Bundesversicherungsamt in Bonn.

If a student has had statutory health insurance herself between the 10th and 4th month before delivery as well as a job, she can apply for paid maternity leave at her health insurance office.

Attention: Sometimes the health insurance offices say that you can only get a paid maternity leave when you have right to get sickness allowance. That is not always true! (§ 200, Abs. 1 RVO).

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Parents Money
You can apply for parents money and child-raising allowance at the Landeskreditbank in Karlsruhe if you are a resident of Baden-Württemberg. There is a 12-month allowance for every child. Students who are single parents will usually get parents money for 14 months (there are certain requirements). Follow this link to find out more:

To calculate parents money (from your earned income) the individual net income of the applicant from the last 12 months before the beginning of a 6 week maternity period will be taken as a basis. Usually parents money will be calculated as 65-67% of that net income. If you’re a low-wage earner, this percentage could go up to 99%. Life partners can also claim parents money if they’re the ones taking parental leave.

Attention: Students from abroad usually can’t claim parents money if their stay in Germany is only for the purpose of studying. (§16 AufentG).
General information about parents money can be found at the Familienwegweiser.

Please note: Parents money might be calculated as income into ALG II (unemployment benefit)

Application for Parental Leave from University
Take a closer look at Studienorganisation
Application for Parental Leave from your Job
At least 7 weeks before the beginning of parental leave you must inform your employer about it. For that you will need a written statement in which the duration of the parental leave is shown. Part time work for up 30 hours a week is possible, though.
Child Care Subsidy
You can apply for child care subsidy for 22 months if your child was born after 31st July 2012 and if it is at least 15 months old. However, there is one condition: the child must be looked after in a domestic or private environment instead of in a government-funded day care. The child care subsidy in the amount of 100€ is paid during the first year. After 31st July 2014 the child care subsidy will amount to 150€ a month and can be applied for independently of your income.
If you already receive ALG II, the child care subsidy will be counted as income.
Families can receive application forms from the L-Bank.
Social and Legal Advice at Studentenwerk
The social and legal advice departments at Studentenwerk offer you information about particular law branches first, and can help you seek out other contact points for further details.
Due to our long-term work we have established a large network of cooperative partners.

Our advice especially covers information on the following common topics:

  • laws for foreigners
  • law of tenancy
  • questions concerning alimony
  • questions about social insurance and social law such as health insurance, social welfare, child allowance, accomodation allowance, child-raising allowance... also in the contexts of disability, pregnancy, and studying with children
  • general university law, in particular e.g. taking university exams, second retakes
  • problems with radio license fees

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