Study Financing and other Financial Benefits

Here you can find answers to the question, who can help you with financing your studies in the respective areas.


Karlsruher Pass
You can receive your Karlsruher Pass from the Jugendfreizeit- und Bildungswerk (the union for youth leisure time and education). Owners of this pass can recieve a monthly train ticket, as well as access into all of Karlsruhe’s public swimming pools for half price. You can also use it as an annual ticket for the Zoo in Karlsruhe.
Karlsruher Kinderpass
The Karlsruher Kinderpass is designed to help children from low-income families pursue leisure time activities, or to encourage their individual talents.
With the Pforzheim-Pass you have the possibility to make use of services from the town of Pforzheim as well as from some private agencies for reduced prices, if you meet the necessary requirements concerning income and wealth.
Families that mainly live in Baden-Württemberg can visit national castles, gardens, and museums for free 20 times a year with the family pass and corresponding voucher card.

The following persons can receive a Familienpass (a family pass):

  • Families with at least three children and who are able receive child allowance (it is also possible for the children to be foster or adopted children) and who live with their family in a domestic community,
  • single parents who live in a domestic community with at least one child and who can receive child allowance,
  • families with one child, who can receive child allowance, and whose degree of disability is at least at 50%,
  • families that receive social benefit like Hatz IV, who live with one or two children in a domestic community, and who can receive child allowance

The Familienass can be received with an application at the Sozial- und Jugendbehörde in the Rathaus West (town hall), at the Stadtamt Durlach, at all the municipal offices as well as in the citizen offices Rathaus Marktplatz, Süd und Ost.

You can apply for the Familienpass personally or via Internet with the particular form at: Stadt Pforzheim

Befreiung von der Rundfunkbeitragspflicht
Relief from the TV and Radio License Fee
Since January 2013 there has been a television and radio license fee in Germany, which every citizen has to pay. However the fee is not payed per person but per accomodation, no matter how many people or devices there are. If you receive either ALG II or BAföG there is the possibility to be exempt from this license fee.

You can fill out the form online and print it.
More information can be found: here.

Mensa Kids
Canteen Kids
Free food for children of students
The Mensa-Kids Card allows the children of students to eat for free in the Studentenwerk Karlsruhe’s canteens until they turn 11. You can pick up a Mensa-Kids Card in the International Student Center in the Canteen Adenauerring in Karlsruhe.
If you are applying for the first time you will need a few documents, so would be best to contact us first for further information:


Other Benefits
More benefits:
You will find an overview about financial aid and benefits in Karlsruhe here.

The PH Karlsruhe offers an overview of financial aid and contact points for students with children in Karlsruhe.

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