Studying abroad with children

Foreign experience, foreign language skills and intercultural competence are important additional qualifications for the entry into a professional life and for a future career. Studying abroad is becoming more and more valuable and part of the study curriculum. But for student with children going abroad is much more difficult. They need to prepare staying abroad more carefully. We would like to encourage students with children to take on this challenge and prepared some tips for the planning.

Contact Partners

Information at Universities
You can get information about and support for the preparing and execution of a study abroad when you have children from these contact partners:
Information from the DAAD
General information can be fourn at the website for Deutsche Akademische Austausch-Dienst (DAAD).

More information on financing abroard for students with children can be found here.

"Check –In – Study Abroad With Children"
We would like to inform students with children about the project „Check in – Auslandsstudium mit Kind“ by the Hochschule Wismar "Check in - Auslandsstudium mit Kind".
The website offers useful information on organizing, financing, and the executing a study abroad program with children, illustrated by reports from parents who are also going to school. There is also a forum where you can talk about your experiences.
„Studying in the USA“
A year abroad in the United States is a special and mostly unique experience for each student. Studying in the United States sounds so simple, and yet the choice of a suitable place of study is the deciding criteria for a success. When selecting the appropriate location, you have to choose a city with the appropriate university. This refines or constricts the selection of options. Should the year abroad be spent with a child, then this decision has to be made taking the child’s needs in consideration.

Useful information can be found here.

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