Terms of use for the online reservation

If you would like to have your meal in our dining halls, we have to record your contact details due to legally prescribed hygiene and infection protection measures. We use an online reservation system. Those obliged to process data have to exclude persons who refuse to collect their contact details from visiting or using the facility or from participating in the event, i.e. without entering your data, we are only allowed to offer you take-away.
  • This system serves to protect your health, that of our employees, a quick traceability of possible chains of infection with the novel Covid-19 virus ("Corona") and compliance with the legal provisions applicable in the course of the pandemic.
  • The legal basis is according to Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. c GDPR: the currently valid version of the ordinance of the state government on infection protection measures against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (in short: Corona Ordinance - CoronaVO).
We record the following data: First and last name, address, phone number, email address, time and date of your stay.
  • The data is recorded for this purpose only; the data is not used for any other purpose. With your information you also give your consent to the use of data.
  • You are also entitled to the known data subject rights mentioned in the general data protection declaration of the Studierendenwerk.
  • The data remains internal, is kept under lock and key and according to the current legal situation for four weeks. After this time, it will be deleted, but no later than immediately after the end of the pandemic.
  • The data will only be transmitted to the health authority upon written request. For the purpose of infection protection, the currently applicable legal provisions stat, that we are obliged inform the responsible health authorities. If the responsible health authority requests your personal data, the respective district administrator or mayor is responsible for the further processing of your personal data by the health authorities.
The reservation system is provided and the data is processed by: infomax® Gesellschaft für Multimedia-Kommunikation mbH Platanenstraße 1 86899 Landsberg infomax.de/impressum | infomax.de/datenschutz