Cafeteria at Pforzheim University / School of Design

This cafeteria, located on Holzgartenstraße, has a bright and friendly atmosphere. Hot dishes are served here during lunchtime, and in the mornings and afternoons students can enjoy their lecture-free hours with a cup of coffee or tea. We serve sandwiches, delicious cakes, fruit, ice cream and many other snacks for those who would like a snack for breakfast or in between lectures.

Every month, we offer a cup of coffee or tea and a piece of cake or a pastry at a special price. For those who like to sit outside in the summer, you can enjoy your coffee in our biergarten.

Currently closed due to the current situation.

Manager of the cafeteria: Jutta Seeger
Phone: 07231 / 286796

Our opening hours
Mon - Fri 10:15 – 14:00

Mon - Fri 11:15 - 13:30

You can find us here
City map