Wet Waste Disposal

In the dining hall Am Adenauerring, organic production waste and food waste is sucked out from different collection points with a vacuum and transported via a pipe network to a central tank. The longest distance that the pumps transport is approximately 200 meters. Two extra suction tanks ensure that the systems stay functional if, for instance, the suction tanks are being worked on by maintenance or are out of service.

This method of wet waste disposal is a part of the hygienic waste concept and sustainable further processing. The biomass collected in the central tank is pumped out and given to a biogas plant to generate electricity.


Construction period: 6 weeks
Commissioning: 2011

Technical data
Redundant wet waste disposal: System with a central tank and two waste management installations working independently of one another.

Planning: vtechnik, Gaggenau
Implementation: Meiko, Offenburg
Funding: Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts/
Baden-Württemberg State Office of Property and Construction