Liability Insurance

Liability insurance applies to all activities that are casually related to your studies, in rooms of the universities, or during curriculum-provided events, which include games or trips. The insurance protection also applies during the participation of a work semester, for purposes of achieving your study objective, and activities which are organized by the institution as part of a leave of absence. Exceptions to this are internships which are not directly related to your studies. Regarding damages in the private sector we recommend the conclusion of a private liability insurance.

In addition, you are covered in another country during a semester abroad, during an ERASMUS stay or semester abroad in cases of damage. Claims due to damages in the USA or Canada are not included.
For internships in the USA and Canada, you can receive additional insurance. The premium at this time is net € 68.72.

Insured Sums

  • Person and property damages: Flat-rate 5.000.000,-- €
  • Maximum compensation in individual cases for property damage*: 7.500,-- €
  • Finanical losses: 50.000,-- €

*That is, activity damages on machines and devices which are available to students for their studies during an internship abroad or during an Erasmus project.

For property damages under 25.-- € there is no insurance coverage.

Please note: the student’s liability insurance is subsidiary. If the damages amount to more than 100.-- € the damages must be reported to the student’s own (or their parents’) private liability insurance. If you are declined by them, the damages can be submitted to the Studierendenwerk

In this case the following must be submitted:

  • Rejection from the Insurance compan
  • Proof from the university that the equipment was used in direct relation to your studies
  • Invoice/Reciept of the amount of damages
  • Purchase invoice of the equipment


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