Dining Hall Moltkestraẞe 30

Dining Hall Moltkestraẞe 30

Student prices

(1) with colorant
(2) with preservative
(3) with antioxidant
(4) with flavor enhancer
(5) with phosphate
(6) waxed surface
(7) sulfurized
(8) blackened olives
(9) with sweetener
(10) excessive consumption may produce laxative effects
(11) contains a source of phenylalanine
(12) can contain residual alcohol
(14) assembled from pieces of meat
(15) with cocoa containg glaze
(27) assembled from pieces of fish

Optional specifications
[R] contains beef
[RAT] contains organically grown beef
[S] contains pork
[SAT] contains organically grown pork
[VEG] vegetarian dish
[VG] vegan dish
[MSC] MSC certified fish
[MV] MensaVital
[LAB] with animal rennet
[GEL] with gelatine

(Ca) Cashews
(Di) Spelt
(Ei) Eggs
(Er) Peanuts
(Fi) Fish
(Ge) Barley
(Gl) Cereals containing gluten
(Ha) Hazelnuts
(Hf) Oats
(Ka) Kamut
(Kr) Crustaceans
(Lu) Lupine
(Ma) Almonds
(ML) Milk / Lactose
(Nu) Shell fruits / Nuts
(Pa) Braziluts
(Pe) Pecans
(Ro) Rye
(Sa) Sesame
(Se) Celery
(Sf) Sulfur dioxide / Sulfite
(Sn) Mustard
(So) Soy
(Pi) Pistachio
(Qu) Queenslandnuts / Macadamia nuts
(Wa) Walnuts
(We) Wheat
(Wt) Molluscs


Dining Hall Moltkestraße
Moltkestraße 30
76133 Karlsruhe

Dining Hall Management:
Dilek Büklü

Email: gastronomie@sw-ka.de
Phone: +49 721 925-2854

Opening days 2023

Download the current opening days for 2023 here! (german version)