Exhibitions in the Studentenhaus

  • September 1st - 30th | 32. Poster contest "Mein Studium, meine Familie - und ich"
  • November 4th - 29th | Changing material - turning food into fair jobs

  • May - July | German-French Foto contest "Engagement"
  • September - Oktober | 33. Poster contest "#nextgeneration: Studium der Zukunft!"

EU-exhibition "Home"

Under the instructions of 12 internationally famous artists, a total of 144 students from all fields of study from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Portugal took part in six summer workshops covering the topics "Roots", "Identity", "Home", "Conflict", "Freedom" and "Dialogue". The workshops are from the fields of crossover, pedagogic art, photography and dance. The workshop in Freiburg had as topic “Home”. The workshops were escorted by Michael Klant from Freiburg and the Alsatian artist Raymond Waydelich. The exhibitions “Home” took place at the University of Music between the 16th and 30th of October (Rihm Hall).

More information on the project and the project partners can be found here.

SEQUEL: The follow-up project was organized as a photo workshop under the title “What It Means to Be Different” from July 14th to 17th by the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe and under the title “Seeing Through Different Eyes” by the Studierendenwerk Freiburg. The results can be seen in the online gallery.

My Karlsruhe – photo project 2016

New City – New People – New Adventures

The PHOTO PROJECT -MY KARLSRUHE- emerged from the internship program of the der City of Karlsruhe and its partner cities. The FOCUS of the project was on capturing the city of KARLSRUHE through different, young and curious eyes, thorough the perspective of innovative students! Constructions sites, people, food and a lot more were captured - our thanks go to all of those, who showed us Karlsruhe through the lens of camera.

Daria Pavelescu, intern of the City of Karlsruhe:
I came to Karlsruhe to do a 4-week internship. I shared this experience with 21 students from 7 different countries. The first week was very interesting but also very challenging, because we are all International students from different countries. The strategical layout of the streets (that you can see the Palace from every angle) was very interesting and very helpful for me. The people from here are very nice, also helpful, which made the situation easier. We had also a full schedule, almost every day was filled with activities, which brought us together. The communication worked almost every time, despite the difficulties with the German language! I think we understood each other very good and I hope these memories and connections are carried on in the future of the partnerships!


Botanical Garden /
Panorama from the Palace Square /
Construction site at the Ettlinger Tor /
Natural History Museum 1 /
Natural History Museum 2 /
Karlsruhe at night (Perspective from the Turmberg) /
Lunch at the office /
Light show at the Palace 1 /
Light show at the Palace 2 /
Residence Hall /
Palace Square /
Waterbottle /
Perspective from the Palace Tower /
Moltke Dining Hall /


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