International Art Camp

A Europe without Walls and Borders with International Appeal

The International Art Camp is the continuation of the European Culture Project, „European Citizen Camp“ in which 144 students from 6 different European countires worked on artisitc topics. The exhibts were dislayed at the individual location and in a joint final exhibitation in Antwerp.

In 2016, this European idea was further developed in a cooperation between the Studierendenwerke Freiburg and Karlsruhe. The International Art Camp was then created. Students of all nations work together on contemporary topics in a workshop lasting several days with one artist. This approach brings together a wide variety of students ANALOG in the digital age and lets them discuss current European topics in a fun way

The results of the workshop will be accessable to a wider audience digital exhibt

"Me in Europe, in the middle of Karlsruhe"

The International Art Camp 2018 goes under the name "Ich in Europa, mitten in Karlsruhe". We are organizing a free photography workshop under the supervision of the photgrapher Christoph Oeschger from 05. - 08.07.2018.

The Artist's Concept:
"After the Brexit and the crisis in Greece a lot has been said and talked about the EU. But the EU has lasted long here and Europe has become a cultural and economic area. The Rhine bears witness to this, as it was one of the most important connections between north and south among the Celts.
We will use this river as a starting point for our workshop, which leads us along the Rhine first to the port and then to Strasbourg. In addition to technical and creative principles of photography, the medium should also serve as a tool to investigate today's circumstances. "

Further program items are also:
Sightseeing in Rheinhafen, trip to Strasbourg with a visit to the European Court of Human Rights

Interested? Then please send the completed application form (Download not available!) until 01. Juli 2018 to


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