International Evenings

International Evenings are one of the most popular events amongst the German and International students. At these evenings you can learn about specific topics, such as music and food from other countries. German students have the possibility to learn, for instance, about Spanish or Chinese language and culture in a pleasant atmosphere, and at the same time, International students can experience the German language and traditions. All students are welcome!
Because the themes of the respective events are prepared by students, you can get information about the themes from the employees of the International Student Center. Attendance is strongly encouraged!

Chinese, Spanish, French, Eastern European and Arab-Tunisian evenings
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Information on the current dates of the International Evenings can be found at our office or on our Facebook page.
During these evenings you can experience an international community, learn new information about countries, and meet students from other cultures.

The Parentscafé is a great opportunity for the parent-students from Karlsruhe and Pforzheim to receive new information about Studying with Children. It is a great place to exchange experiences and collaborate with other students with children.
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