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See residence halls.
Accommodation service
For over 50 years, we've connected private room and apartment renters with students free of charge. Also see private rooms and apartments.
To pay your rent and your security deposit, you need a checking account with a bank or savings bank (Sparkasse) in Germany, unless you live in a eurozone country. Most banks offer these accounts to students for free. To open an account, you will need your ID or passport, as well as your matriculation certificate or certificate of admission. Also see direct debit.
Address of the Housing Department
Please send your mail to:
Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe
Abteilung Wohnen
Adenauerring 7
76131 Karlsruhe
Our tenants can decide for themselves whether or not they would like to receive advertisements, catalogues, and free newspapers. You can signal your choice directly on your mailbox. Receiving fewer ads has the benefit of producing less trash, and therefore lower costs.
By apartment, we mean a room for one person, which has its own bathroom (Shower/bathtub and toilet) and a kitchenette.
See unfurnished apartments.
You can apply from our home page. If you apply online, you will receive an e-mail containing important details about your application. (Please also check the spam folder of your mailbox.) This mail contains a link that you must confirm, so that we can receive your application. Because we have many incoming applications, we can only confirm the receipt of online applications, as interim decisions about the status of applications is not possible from our website. Please read the additional information while applying online. Also see application deadlines.
Application Deadlines
There are no application deadlines from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe; it is possible to submit an application at any time. Generally, our rental periods begin on the first day of the month (see lease beginnings/endings). Please note, however, that you can apply for your desired move-in appointment as early as six months before you expect to move in (See validity of admission applications). We recommend that you submit you application about 3 months before moving in with us. See applications.
Application for Admission
A prerequisite for a dorm room application from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe is the submission of an application for admission, which you can download from our homepage. Also see ‘applications’.
Bank Details
See accounts.
Bank Details of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe
Almost all payments are made through the account of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe with the International Bank Account Number (IBAN): DE77 6005 0101 7495 5019 80 and BIC: SOLA DE ST 600. Please provide your customer number, your object number, or the address of your residence hall and your room number, which will facilitate the allocation of payments.
Bed Linens
When you rent a furnished room, a furnished apartment, or a furnished flat, you can borrow linens from your housemaster free of charge. This includes 2 pillowcases, 2 duvet covers, and 2 comforters, usually all in white. When you move out, you will return these linens (they don’t have to be washed, but linens with strongly stained or discolored parts will not be accepted, and they must be paid for by you). Of course, you could also use your own linens. You must bring your own linens and bedding for your child(ren).
Your bedding includes pillowcases and duvet covers. You can borrow each piece from your housemaster if you have rented a furnished room/flat/apartment. Otherwise, the arrangements are the same as the bed linens.
Beginning/Ending a Contract
Contracts normally begin on the first of the month and end on the last day of the month. Please note that the returning of items (for example during a move in or move out) can only take place on work days (Monday-Friday) during your housemaster’s working hours. It would be less stressful if you moved in or out during the first or last days of a month.
In Karlsruhe, the bicycle is the most important mode of transportation. Almost all districts lie in the Rhine Valley, and there are many bike paths or bicycle streets. Pforzheim is in the relatively steep valley of the rivers Nagold und Enz, so a bicycle is especially suitable for rides through the Black Forest, which begins directly behind the University and the residence halls on Hagenschießstraße.
Bicycle Garages
At some residence halls we offer bicycle garages or bicycle boxes. You can safely store your bike in these metal garages.
Bicycle Parking
At all residence halls there are bicycle sheds, basements, or something similar where you and your roommates can store your bicycles. Storing bicycles in living areas or stairwells is not permitted. See bicycle garages.
Bringing Your Own Furniture to a Living Community
Kitchens have necessary furniture and appliances; see facilities for kitchens or facilities for unfurnished flats. We accept- though this is always revocable- furniture, toasters, coffee machines and microwaves. We accept these if they have the name of the owner on them, if they are hygienic, and if they are safe and do not block or hinder the escape routes of your roommates/hallmates.
Bringing Your Own Furniture to an Apartment/Room/Flat
Our furnished rooms and flats are good and properly equipped, but bringing your own furniture, such as a nightstand or a visitor’s chair, could be useful. But please consider that your furniture could damage the floors. This especially applies to rolling chairs, other chairs, and tables. Rolling chairs are usually sold with so-called ‘hard rollers’ (for soft floors = carpeted floors). Because few of our rooms in residence halls have hard floors, rolling chairs must have soft rollers. Euro-pallets as bed replacements damage not only the floors, but also your spine, and are no replacement for a proper bed! Alternative: furnished living.
See public transportation.
Bulky Trash
See trash.
Cable TV
The residence halls Nancystraße 4 and Adlerstraße 41 have a cable connection whose cost is included in the rent (but the TV and radio license fee is not included). The connection in Nancystraße 4 will soon be changed to a satellite system. The tenants of Wolfartsweier Straße 7 can apply or install, if necessary, a cable system at their own expense. See satellite TV.
Cancellation Request
Most rental contracts can be ended at a fixed rental contract cancellation deadline. If you cannot make this deadline, you should read the cancellation forms closely or contact your office employee. Sometimes it is impossible for us to accept your termination request for certain dates. For the extra effort, you will also have to pay a fee.
By carport, we mean a parking space for a car under a roofed or open area. Carport parking spaces (only at Willy-Andreas-Alee 11, 15 & 17 and Hagenschießstraße 1-5) can be rented, but priority is given to students with disabilities, because these spaces are wider than usual and offer advantages for wheelchair users.
Chances for a Place in a Residence Hall
At the beginning of winter semester, the chance of getting a place in a residence hall are usually not very good. We recommend trying to find a place 1-2 months before the beginning of the semester or the first 2-3 months after the semester has begun. There is another possibility, especially for students that don’t have to travel far from Karlsruhe or Pforzheim and can commute some weeks. See Commuters.
Changes Possible
The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe tries to inform you as much as possible about their housemasters, dormitory administration, and residence halls, but changes are also possible through this site. We have carefully prepared the following information, but nevertheless we cannot guarantee that all of the information is up to date 100% of the time. Please be aware that following information normally uses masculine pronouns, but of course this also applies to women or multiple people.
Checking Account
See Accounts.
The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe has all stairwells (except Wolfartsweierer Straße 7) cleaned by a company. The tenants clean their own rooms/apartments/flats, and also the common rooms in living communities.
Cleaning Materials
The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe provides all living communities with brooms, dustpans, mops and buckets. Anything else the tenants will have to bring or buy themselves. This includes cleaning supplies (all-purpose cleaners, etc).
In our housing accommodations, like almost everywhere in Germany, men, women, Germans, and foreign students live together - room to room or apartment to apartment (see tolerance). In Karlsruhe there is a residence hall only for female students, see private residence halls.
If you cannot find accommodation at first, you should think about whether you can commute for your first week. The housing market – that also applies to residence halls – will relax after the first couple months of lectures. See chances for getting a place in a residence hall. We recommend that students not commute too long if they live farther away.
Consumers’ Dispute Settlement Act
The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe is neither willing nor obliged to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board under the Consumer Dispute Settlement Act (VSBG). However, the Consumer Dispute Settlement Act requires us to alert you to a consumer dispute resolution body responsible for you: General Consumer Arbitration Body of the Conciliation Center e. V., Strassburger Str. 8, 77694 Kehl.
Contact in the Dorms
Contact with other people is important for all students, especially for freshmen, transfer students, and exchange or program students within the residence halls. We recommend that you look into participating in activities within the dorms or activities offered by student groups with your roommates and neighbors.
Contacting the Housing Department
You can contact us personally (visiting hours of the housing department), over the phone (phone number of the housing department), in a letter (address of the housing department), or through email.
Customer Number
Each tenant has a six-digit customer number (earlier: account number), that is stated on your rental contract. This number runs all of the tenant’s financial operations. It would be best to give this number when transferring money to the Studeriendenwerk Karlsruhe.
If you would like curtains in your room, you will have to bring them with you. In individual residence halls, you can receive rings for curtain rods from your housemaster.
Curtain Rods
In almost all rooms there are curtain rods, but often attics or rooms that have dormer windows, bay windows, or skylights do not have them.
You must bring your own cutlery and tableware (a recommendation).
Damage Reports
Damages and shortcomings in residence halls, garages, or associated outside areas must be reported to your housemaster as soon as possible, or, if the case may be, better late than never, so they can make repairs and the damages will not get worse. In all accommodations, there are “damage report/order” forms hanging up which you can fill out and put in your housemaster’s mailbox or give directly to your housemaster. For damages relating to water, electricity, or gas cables, please report directly to your house master over the phone using their cell phone number. If your housemaster or their representative is not available, please call the housing department.
Dining Halls, Cafeterias
All residences from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe are at most 15 minutes by bike from the nearest dining hall or cafeteria. You can find information about the general offers and opening hours on our homepage.
Direct Deposit
Monthly rent and the security deposit will be debited from your checking account at your German bank or savings bank (unfortunately transfers from a passbook or a foreign bank account are not possible). This method has been used by the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe for decades; it is easier and cheaper for both the tenants and the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe. You only have to remember to have enough money in your account when it is time to deduct the rent. Tenants who do not participate in direct deposit will have to pay higher rent due to the significantly higher costs of transfer.
Disabilities- Students with Disabilities
If you require special living conditions such as a specially-designed shower, support handles, or a visual doorbell, you should register with us three or four months before your desired move in date, if possible. Together with you, we will try our best to remedy your problems. An earlier visit to your desired residence hall with the officer for students with disabilities is recommended. For parking possibilities for students with disabilities, see Carports.
In many living groups you will find dishes, cutlery, pots, and pans, and depending on the agreements within groups, they could belong to individual people or the group as a whole. The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe does not provide dishes or anything of the like. See things to bring (a recommendation).
All rooms, apartments, and flats have their own doorbell on the main door and, depending on the structure of the building, also on their apartment or room door. The inscription on the doorbells is placed by your housemaster, and usually only the room number is permanently attached because tenancy changes so often. Nearby you will find a list with the names of the current tenants.
Double Bedrooms
This is a room with two beds, also for two people. At this time we do not offer double bedrooms.
Double Rooms
We offer two rooms for two people, which are divided by a door. One room is available from the hallway, the other is not.
Doublet/Rooms in Doublets
By this, we mean 2 rooms with a sink each that have a shared bathroom with a toilet and a small hallway. These are suitable for pairs. More doublets will have a shared kitchen. See shared accommodations, living groups, or accommodations for more information.
You could also send us an email at wohnen@studentenwerk-karlsruhe.de. Please note that spam-looking emails will be automatically rejected, we cannot constantly check our e-mail, and that documents must always be original (rental contracts, cancellations). E-Mails are usually not suitable to answer many or very detailed questions or to solve complex problems. A phone call or a personal appointment is almost always a better form of communication for these situations. See telephone number for the housing department or visiting hours for the housing department.
Ending a Rental Contract
You can end your rental contract during the visiting hours of the housing department at their offices in the Studentenhouse Karlsruhe, Adenauerring 7. If you cannot or do not want to come to Karlsruhe to end your contract, we will send the documents to your address, but, for the additional cost, we will debit 4 Euros from your account if we send these to an address within Germany, and 8 Euros to send documents to other countries.
Entitlement to a Room
With the application to a room, an apartment, or a flat, you express, non-binding, your interest in renting a room. However, you are not guaranteed to be given a room. The number of freshmen generally exceeds the number of dorm rooms, and the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe can only rent rooms that have no one in them. See Applications for more information.

Exchange Students
Students who come to Karlsuhe during their exchange program are called exchange students or program students. These students should first register at the International Office of their university, which will also help with their room or accommodation search.
Evidence of Application for Admission
If you are handicapped or very sick, have special financial problems, recieve BAföG or retirement funds, then you should show your interest in evidence (uncertified copies). This can increase your chance of getting accommodation.
Facilities for Furnished Flats
Normally, the facilites are similar to those in furnished rooms, i.e. furniture for two adults. Furniture for your child(ren) you must bring yourself. The kitchen includes a sink, countertop, cabinets, lights, and a refrigerator.
Facilities for Kitchens
In furnished kitchens, you will find a built in kitchen, stove, oven, cabinets, refrigerator, table, and chairs for the table. Other supplies, like dishes, you will have to bring with you (a recommendation).
Facilities for Unfurnished Apartments and Rooms
Curtain rods and ceiling lights are available, and apartments have an additional kitchenette with cooktop and refrigerator, but everything else you must bring yourself. Bulky furniture could often be unhygienic and could damage the floor, so please consider that before choosing your furniture. For unfurnished rooms in resident communities, your corresponding kitchens are equipped with sinks, stoves, ovens, cabinets, refrigerators, tables, and chairs.
Facilities for Unfurnished Flats
The only facilities included are a sink and ceiling lights.
Facilities in Furnished Apartments and Rooms
In furnished rooms you will normally find a big closet (120 x 200 x 60 cm), a bed (normally 90 x 210 or 90 x 200 cm) with slats and a foam mattress, a desk (ca. 140 x 80 cm) with a drawer(s), a desk chair, a bookshelf (about 6 meters of warehouse space, depth at least 35 cm), a curtain rod, and a ceiling light. Apartments have an additional kitchenette with a cooktop and refrigerator. The furniture must stay in the room. You could also live in an unfurnished room. See facilities for unfurnished apartments and rooms.
A flat consists of 1-3 rooms, a kitchen, a hallway, a bathtub/shower, toilet, and if necessary, a storage room. They are mostly rented to families or pairs with or without children (these tenants are given preference). A rental contract for a flat cannot be cancelled partly or by room.
All of the residence halls have hard floors (Linoleum, rubber, etc). Please note this when bringing your own furniture to your apartment/room/flat.
Follower Tenants, Tenant Succession
Strictly speaking, this kind of tenant is one who enters an existing lease and takes over all responsibilities outlined in this lease. The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe does not accept these kinds of tenants. A successor tenant is a tenant that follows another tenant, therefore has a new rental application but rents the same property.
Some forms, like the application for admission or the termination forms, can be downloaded from our homepage. Please note that the forms for our residence halls in Karlsruhe and Pforzheim are not identical.
See facilities in kitchens, facilities in furnished apartments and rooms, facilities in furnished flats, facilities in unfurnished apartments and rooms, facilities for unfurnished flats.
Hand and Dish Towels
You must use your own towels, or, if necessary, have communal towels with your neighbors. See things to bring (a recommendation).
In Germany there are holidays that are observed everywhere: January 1st (New Year’s Day), Good Friday (The Friday before Easter), Easter Monday, May 1st (Labor day), Ascension of Christ (the second Thursday before Pentecost), Pentecost Monday, October 3rd (National holiday), December 25th and 26th (Christmas).
In individual states, there are more holidays that are not observed everywhere, and for this reason we recommend you purchase a calendar that includes the German holidays. Karlsruhe lies in the state of Baden-Württemberg, and here there are other holidays, such as January 6th (Epiphany/Epiphanyfest), Corpus Christi (the second Thursday after the Pentecost), and November 1st (All Saint’s Day). On December 24th (Christmas Eve) and on December 31st (New Year’s Eve) stores close at 2:00 pm. On these two days and on all holidays the employees in the housing department and your housemasters do not work. The housing department is normally closed from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. On Shrove Tuesday there may be other limitations due to the carnival parade.
On our homepage (www.studentenwerk-karlsruhe.de) you can find the most important information about our motto, “So students succeed”, accommodations, and even more information about the facilities and activities sponsored by the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe.
Household Insurance
The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe insures your household, but not things that you have brought yourself. Your property may be insured through your parent’s or your spouse’s household insurance. If you have very expensive items or items with high value, you should think about getting the appropriate insurance coverage. It may be worthwhile to compare prices and coverage from different companies.
Almost all housemasters manage multiple residences, so they are not permanently on-site. In their offices, they have fixed office hours Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:30 am (with your rental contract you will find this information in an informational paper). During these times, please schedule your move-in appointment (for residence hall St.-Georgen-Straße 15-17, Tuesdays 8:00 am to 8:30 am and Wednesdays 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm). Your housemaster is your first contact person for damages and defects (except the internet) and problems (except tenancy) that you may find in your room, living community, or otherwise in house. You can also forward your damage notification/application forms with your wishes to your housemaster.
Housemaster’s Cell Phone
Since our housemasters are hardly ever in their offices, they have a cell phone with them when they are out. In emergency cases, you can reach your housemaster by phone this way. Since there is oftentimes no reception in the basements where they work, you could also leave a short voicemail message. Appointments made by cell phone are not advisable, because they will not have their appointment calendar with them. When something needs to be fixed or grass needs to be mowed, see your housemaster.
Housemaster’s Office Hours
See housemasters.
Housemaster’s Working Hours
The Housemasters are all in their offices at 7:00 am (see Housemaster, Housemaster inaccessible). Normally they work until 4:00 pm, on Fridays until 3:30 pm (Exception: Dorm St.-Georgen-Straße 15-17, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8:00 am to 11:00 am, Wednesdays from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm). Please understand that your housemaster also has free evenings and would not like to do move ins or move outs during their free time.
Housemaster is Unavailable
Our housemasters are craftsmen that also work in other residence halls. If it snows, if a water pipe is tight, or is only producing cold water, our housemasters must sometimes skip their office hours to fix these problems. Their office hours also may not take place if they are sick or on vacation. For emergencies, you can call your housemaster on their cell phone, ask the housing department how or when you can reach your housemaster, or who their replacement is.
Housing Authority
Housing authorities in managed student residence halls from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe are ordinary students from the following facilities: KIT campus south (TH), research university (founded 1825), Karlsruhe college of teaching, double college BW Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe College of Design, Karlsruhe College for Technology and Economics, Karlsruhe Mercury College of International Trade, Pforzheim College of Design, Technology, Economics and Law, European Confederation of Upper Rhine Universities (EUCOR): Universität Basel, Université de Haute Alsace in Colmar, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg, Université de Haute Alsace in Mulhouse, Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, Université Marc Bloch in Strasbourg, and Université Robert Schuman in Strasbourg. Furthermore, housing authorities are students who are enrolled as ordinary students in other state or state recognized institutions and have completed an internship in the regions of Karlsruhe/Pforzheim during their studies.
Housing Department
The housing department concerns itself with everything directly having to do with living quarters for students: advice for interest and rent, processing of applications, offers for interested students, creating and managing leases, rent payments, cancellations, closing rent accounts, and any other questions that have to do with tenancy. See office employees, work hours of the housing department, and visiting hours of the housing department.
Housing Department’s Work Hours
You can reach the employees of the Housing department by telephone, normally from Mondays to Fridays from 7:00 am or 7:30 am, 9:00 am at the latest. In the afternoons, we work until 3:30 pm (Fridays until 2:30), and often longer. If you would like to call, you may want to call outside of the housing department’s visiting hours, if possible. See ‘further education’ for more information.
In almost all residence halls there are intercoms in the flat or living community, which allows tenants to speak with people at the front door and also open the door for them.
Except for the residence halls Adlerstraße 41 and Wolfartsweierer Straße 7, all rooms and residence halls are connected to a university data center. Please note, that this is a benefit provided for study purposes and that there is no requirement for constant availability. Eventually, you must buy a connector cable for your computer to use the internet. If you have any problems with the internet we have instructions and internet tutors in almost all residence halls that can help you. At this time, you don’t have to pay extra for the internet or its usage.
Internships, Work Semesters
If you are you planning a one or two semester internship or work semester(s) outside of Karlsruhe or Pforzheim, you should contact our office employees. Normally, it would make sense to end your rental contract and then apply for re-entry once you get back.
Inventory List
When you move out of your rented property, an inventory list is filled out which assesses the condition of the property and, if applicable, the corresponding communal rooms (see move-in/move-out protocol).
When you move in, you will receive the necessary keys. With these, you can normally open the house/building, the door to your floor, and the door to your room, as well as your mailbox. You can also open the doors to the laundry room and the bicycle storage room or basement. If you lose your key it can be very expensive; new locks cost anywhere from 250 Euro to 400 Euro. See private accident insurance.
This acronym is short for the Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund (the Karlsruhe transport association, www.kvv.de), which covers an area of approximately 3,550 m²; from Waghäusel and Gemerscheim in the north and Forbach (black forest) in the south, from Eppingen and Pforzheim in the east and to Bad Bergzabern, Annweiler, and Wissembourg (Weißenbrg/Elsass) in the west. The KVV reaches around 1,330,000 residents. In Karlsruhe there is a large intercity tram network, which connects all larger neighborhoods within the city in 10 minutes; nights, Sundays and holidays in 20 minutes. As a supplement, about 200 bus lines serve the city and the surrounding areas. The city bus drives on train and tram rails and connects the regions directly with the Karlruhe inner city as well as most University buildings. Trains called the Regionalbahn (regional train), Regional Express, and Interregio-Express are also run by the KVV. See public transportation and Studi-Karte Karlsruhe.
Liability Insurance
See private liability insurance.
Living Communities and Groups
In these, you can live in a residential unit, usually 2-9 single rooms (rarely more), and for each 3-4 rooms there is a shower and toilet, a common hallway, and a shared kitchen.
Living Partnerships (Housing for Help)
Through this project from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe and the Joint Social Services, Students can live, for example, with senior citizens, and help them with housework, shopping, cleaning stairs or sidewalks, in the garden or taking away trash. By doing this, they receive a room or apartment with reduced or free rent. Usually, it amounts to one hour of help a month for one square meter of living space; for heat, electricity, water/sewage, and trash, the student usually pays a monthly flat rate.
Here you will find the application form. You can get more information from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe (Tel. 0721 6909-192) or from the nonprofit joint social services GmbH Karlsruhe (Hardtwaldzentrum, Kanalweg 40/42, 76149 Karlsruhe, Tel. 0721 91230-34). You can also email them at wohnpartnerschaften@paritaet-ka.de, www.paritaet-ka.de.
Location of Residence Halls
All of our houses are in the vicinity of Universities; you can reach your university in 20 minutes or less by foot, tram, bus, or bicycle. You can find both driving directions and an exact map of the city in the description of your residence hall on our homepage.
Mailbox for the Housing Department
If you go in the main entrance of the Studentenhaus, to the right you will find an exterior mailbox. When the Studentenhaus is open, you can leave your mail for the housing department there or at the information desk in the foyer. There is also a mailbox on the left side of the glass doors that goes to the housing department.
Mailboxes for Residence Halls
Every room, every apartment, and every flat has their own mailbox. The label on the mailbox is placed there by the housemaster. With big mailbox systems, you may find an alphabetically sorted list next to or in the mailbox with the names of all of the current tenants. Also see ‘Ads’.
Mail Forwarding and Redirection Request
This forwarding service is provided by the German Post at www.efiliale.de. Without sending this (paid) request, the German Post won’t send your mail to your current address, rather back to the sender. You can find more information under “storage services” from the German Post. For newspapers and magazines, please announce your change of address directly to the publisher.
Matriculation Certificate during the Rental Period
All tenants from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe must submit this certificate by October 1st for the winter semester and by April 1st for the summer semester. If you have not submitted this certificate on time, the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe can terminate your rental contract without notice. On your matriculation certificate you should always have the name of your residence hall and your room number, and direct your submission by mail to the address of the housing department, which will facilitate the completion of this requirement.
Matriculation Certificate for the Application for Admission
All students receive a matriculation certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) from their university, also called a study certificate (Studienbescheinigung). You do not need this for your application for admission.
Move-in Appointment
Move-ins begin at the start of the contract and are only on workdays during your housemaster’s working hours. If your contract begins on a Saturday, Sunday, or a federal holiday, then your move in will not be possible until the next workday. Please also read the page in your lease packet, “welcome,” to inform yourself about what to note concerning your move-in. Tip: if you don’t try to move in on the first day of the month, rather a few days later, you will save yourself and your housemaster a lot of appointment-related stress.
Move-in Procedure
See Direct debit procedure.
Move-in Protocol
The move-in protocol assesses the condition of the leased property and, if applicable, the corresponding shared areas, such as the kitchen, hall, baths and toilets which are checked at the time of the move-in. See inventory list.
Move-out Appointments
Move outs are only possible on workdays during the work hours of your housemaster. These appointments must be made with your housemaster at least 5 work days before the desired move out date. The earlier you do this, the greater the possibility of getting an appointment on the desired date. Tip: if you make an appointment not in the last two or three days of the month, rather a few days earlier, you will save you and your housemaster from a lot of appointment-related stress.
Move-out Protocol
The move out protocol assesses the condition of the leased property and, if applicable, the corresponding shared areas, such as the kitchen, hall, baths and toilets, which are checked at the time of the move out. See inventory list.
Moving to another rented property from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe is only possible in special and justified cases. For the extra effort from our team, you will have to pay a fee.
Moving back in
If students participate in an internship or study abroad program for 1 or 2 semesters (see semester abroad), it is usually practical to end your contract and mark your rental application with “semester abroad” or “internship” and, when possible, submit another rental application with the mark “moving back in” at least 3 months before your desired move-in date. Such applications will be given preference over normal applications. If a tenant has lived in one of our residence halls, cancelled their contract, and would like to move to another residence hall, we do not consider that the same situation.

Moving in
For your move in (see move in appointment), your housemaster will go with you to your rented property, conduct a move in protocol (see inventory list) about your rented property and, sometimes, go through your common areas. They will then give you a copy of the protocol and your corresponding key (see ‘surrendering’). After, you can move in with your luggage and set everything up for yourself.
Moving out
For move-outs (also see move-out appointments), your housemaster will conduct a move out protocol with you (see inventory list), of which you will receive a copy. Then you will give back your key. Details can be found in a letter you will receive about a month before the end of your lease. See ‘surrendering’.
People who are not students can’t live in the accomodations provided by the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe (see purpose). Parking spots and bicycle garages are not subject to this purpose. The rent for non-students is somewhat higher than it would be if they were a student.
Object/Object Number
In your rental contract there is an object number for each piece of rented property. The accommodation is encoded in this 10-digit number (three digit number which begins with an 8), the house number and room number, if applicable, and the last number is most of the time 0. The object numbers for parking spaces and bicycle garages also look like this. They contain the digit combinations 99 or 92. For better readability, the numbers are often divided by hyphens, for example, 812-11-C2-09-0, 817-99-99-08-0 or 825-92-00-07-0.
Offers from Studierendenwerk Karlsuhe
We offer just about all forms of student housing: furnished and unfurnished rooms, apartments or flats. The individual types of rooms are described under the individual residence halls (on the homepage or in the informational brochure under “info for living in..”). You can also rent parking spaces or bicycle boxes at most of the residence halls.
Office Employees
An office employee is responsible for each residence hall and supervises all students who live there, from first contact to the ending of a tenant account. Questions about your rental contract can be answered by these experienced employees. If they are unavailable, there will naturally be a representative to help you. See working hours of the housing department and visiting hours of the housing department.
Office Hours for the Housing Department
See visiting hours for the housing department.
See public transportation.
Parking Spaces
You can rent parking spaces for cars at most residence halls. We offer underground garages, garages, and carports or other open parking spaces. If you are interested, you can contact our office and we can set up a rental agreement with you. If all of the parking spaces are already rented, you can be placed on a waiting list. The monthly rent for a parking space is usually lower than a parking ticket for parking in the wrong place. To end a rental, it is the same as ending the rental of a room. There are no or very few parking spots in front of the residence halls Adenauerring 7, Adlerstraße 41, Englerstraße 14, and Zähringerstraße 4, because they lie in areas of the KIT campus south or inner city of Karlsruhe. Also see bicycles or bicycle garages.
For technical reasons, we cannot feed pay-per-view TV. Decoders from Sky© also do not work in our residence halls.
Person of Contact
Do you have questions about your rent application? If so, please speak with your secretary in the Housing Department. For moving in or out and anything concerning your room or residence hall, your housemaster is your partner. Before you can move in, you must schedule a move in time. If your housemaster is on vacation or sick, there is a representative whose name and telephone number hangs in your residence hall, or you could also call the Housing Department if you have questions.
Because you of living in close proximity to others, hygienic problems like allergies, and the high rate of changing tenants, pets are not allowed in our residence halls.
See bedding.
Power of Attorney
If you cannot end a rental contract yourself because you are in another country, or cannot give back or receive materials yourself (move in or out), then you have the option of assigning someone you trust to be your power of attorney. The written power, the original of which you have signed, and a copy of the IDs/passports of the authorized person, should go directly to the housing department or to your housemaster. Please note that the authorized person will then be completely responsible for you in this case.
Private Liability Insurance
In Germany, each person is liable for all damages they may have caused, and they are indeed unlimited. Please check whether you have private accident insurance, or if you are insured through your parents or spouse. If not, you should take care of that soon. This is advisable because damages could include those to rented property. A private accident insurance can cost anywhere around 50 to 80 euros a year. It would be worthwhile to compare prices and services before making a decision.
Private Residence Halls
In Karlsruhe and Pforzheim there are also private residence halls which are predominantly operated by club or church facilities. You can find most of these residence halls on our homepage under the heading Living, Residence halls, other options.
Private Rooms and Flats
Would you rather live in a private accommodation or did you not (yet) receive a place in a residence hall? On our homepage you can find private renters under Living, accommodation service. There are relatively many apartments offered there. You should think about whether or not you would like to build up a living community with other students. See accommodation service.
Program Students
See exchange students.
Public Transportation
All of our accommodations lie near tram stops (also called Straba or S-Bahn) or buses. The Studi-Karte Karlsruhe or the Studi-Ticket Pforzheim can be used in Karlsruhe or Pforzheim by matriculated Students, and they can save you a lot of money.
The living spaces in accommodations from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe are for students to use. Vocational students, professionals, academic staff, and doctoral students may not live in these residence halls. Parking spaces and bicycle garages are not restricted by this. See Housing authority.
Radio Fee
See TV and radio licensing fee.
Registration Law
You must register with a community office in Karlsruhe or a community center in Pforzheim within two weeks of your move in (for example, Kaiserallee 8 or Butherner Straße 42 in Karlsruhe or Östliche Karl-Friedrich-Straße 2 in Pforzheim). Go to http://www1.karlsruhe.de/Stadt/BuS or www.pforzheim.de to do this. As of 01.11.2015, a so-called landlord's confirmation of residency is required for the registration at the city authorities. Our tenants will receive this confirmation at the move-in from our housemasters.
Rent, Cost of Rent
The rent contains all costs (except TV and radio registration fees, groceries and other personal items, telephone usage, and washers & dryers). There is also no additional cost surcharge or statement. The rent is calculated so that all costs are covered; all expenditures and revenues (for example interest on deposits and income from washing machines and dryers) are considered. The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe also does not make profits. However, this means that with rising consumption, for example with electricity, comes higher rent. Tenants should therefore be especially careful with electricity, water, heat, and avoid waste or damage. In the residence hall on Wolfartsweierer Straße 7, the tenants pay for electricity and heating directly to the supplier; for water and sewage, the cost is included in the rent as a prepayment that the housing department regularly settles. By the way, specialists in the residence halls don’t talk about the rent, rather the management costs.
Rental Contract
When you accept a rental contract offer from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe, then we will send you or give you two copies of the contract. Please read through these copies, sign them both, and give them back to the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe. We will then sign both copies, and you will receive the ‘thicker’ copies back (also with paragraphs 1-25).
Rental Contract Resolution
If both rental partners agree to end a rental contract on a certain date or under certain conditions, they have to fill out a rental contract resolution. Just like for a rental termination, signatures must be original. A rental contract resolution can be completed in person in the housing department or sent by mail. For these unusual circumstances, the tenants usually must pay a fee. Also see office employees.
Rented Property (Mietsache)
This is the neutral term for things that have been rented, for example a room or a garage. Sometimes they are also called Vermietungsobjekt (rental objects).
Even our office employees and housemasters are sometimes sick or on vacation. If this is the case, there will always be a representative for them. See housemaster is unavailable.
Residence Halls
A residence hall is – to describe them briefly and easily - a building or a part of a building that is for a certain fixed group of people to live in for a limited time (see purpose). The term student residence hall is a legal term. In the preceding descriptions, most of the time we have shortened the term student residence hall to just residence hall, and sometimes we refer to them as accommodations.
Resident Assistants (Tutors)
They care about the student facilities in the dorms like common rooms, music rooms, and workshops, but also with things concerning the internet and the care and support of foreign hallmates. See Student self-administration.
Residential Time Limits
All rental contracts are normally limited to 8 semesters (4 years) or in special cases 1 or 2 semesters. Contract extensions are possible in exceptional cases, for example if you are involved with student government, or if necessary for students with disabilities (see disabilities, students with disabilities). Parking spaces and bicycle garages do not adhere to rental time limits; rentals for these can be extended beyond the 8 semester limit.
Revenue Collection Center (Gebühreneinzugszentrale)
See TV and Radio license fee.
Rolling Blinds
Most rooms in our accommodations have rolling blinds. That being said, in attics, for example, the installation of rolling blinds is often not possible.
See single rooms.
Room Number
Each room, apartment, and flat has a number. In bigger residence halls, this will have a letter and a 3-digit number. The number represents the building or entrance, the first digit represents the floor, and the last two numbers represent the room. In smaller residence halls, there is often no letter. The specification of the room or house number is important for tenants to receive letters and mail, emergencies, and also naturally for visitors. In your rental contract you will find the correct mailing address under § 24. Usually each parking place and bicycle boy also has a number. See Object/object numbers.
Satellite TV
Almost all accommodations have satellite devices (for exceptions see cable TV), whose cost is included in the rent (except the radio and TV licensing fees, see TV and radio licensing fee). The selection of TV channels is intended to play to the interests of as many tenants as possible, therefore for technical and capacity reasons it is not possible to feed a particular channel to a tenant. It is also not possible to bring or install your own satellite dish in your dorm.
Security Deposit
As with almost all leases, the tenants of Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe properties must pay a security deposit, and the amount depends on the amount of the monthly rent. This deposit will normally be settled and paid two to three months after the end of the rental contract.
Security Management
See security deposit.
Semester Abroad
More and more students spend one or two semesters in a foreign country. We recommend terminating your lease and submitting an application for admission with the intention of re-entry if you would like to go abroad.
Single Rooms
This is one room for one person within a shared living community or living group.
Size of Living Space
The single rooms are mostly 12-16 m², some can be 20 m² or more. The apartments are normally 17-25 m², double rooms are around 30 m², and flats are up to 80 m². Please understand that we cannot list how big each individual room in a residence hall is.
Special Services
The usual services from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe are paid for through your rent. Costs for repairing damages that you have caused will normally be deducted from the bank account you have provided us. This also applies if you need a member of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe to perform a special service, such as opening your room door if you have locked yourself out. You can review the list of “fees and charges for special services from the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe” with a visit to the housing department.
Street Tram
See public transportation.
Student House (Studentenhaus)
In the Student house (Studentenhaus) Karlsruhe, Adenauerring 7, you will find the departments of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe, including the housing department, a dining hall, a cafeteria, 41 residence hall rooms, the Student Culture Center and the ballroom, as well as showcases of our accommodation materials.
Student-ID respectively Fri-Card
Your student ID card contains a so-called wallet chip, with which you can pay for your food in the dining halls and cafeterias. The same system is used to pay for washing and drying in most of the residences. Should you do, for example, an internship here, you can get a guest card from cash register at any cafeteria by presenting your student ID. Further information can be found here.
Student Residence Halls
See residence halls.
Student Self-Government
For ten years, the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe has had student self-government in their residence halls. A dorm spokesperson, members of the economic commission, and residence assistants (RAs) are selected at plenary sessions (tenant meetings). These tenants do voluntary work for the residence halls and their tenants, and are responsible for giving out information and for recreational activities and events.
Studi-Karte Karlsruhe (Student Card Karlsruhe)
The student contribution from students in Karlsruhe includes an amount for the Karlsruhe Transport Association (KVV). In Karlsruhe, matriculated students can use all street trams and buses, and sometimes also with trains from 7 pm to 3 am for free with the presentation of a current student ID. If you also buy a Studi-Karte, which can be purchased in the ISC in the foyer of Mensa Adenauerring, you can use anything on the KVV network day and night, often for free, for a semester (you can find prices and other offers at the KVV office or website).
Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe (Social Services Karlsruhe)
In 1923 the Studentendienst e.V. (Social services e.V.) was founded as a social advice service for students in Karlsruhe. Since 1975, the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe has worked as a charitable institution for the state of Baden-Württemberg and is responsible for the social care and support of students in Karlsruhe and Pforzheim. We work independently, commercially, economically, and also as merchants, but we are no for profit. Details about our facilities and work areas can be found on our homepage. The housing department, one of five departments, is in charge of the rhythm of all of the housing facilities, such as land search and purchase, finance, rent calculation, planning, building, renovations and tenant agreements, furniture, rentals, maintenance if needed, as well as move outs, surrenders, and cancellations. The housing department is especially important for students.
Studi-Ticket Pforzheim
The student contribution from the students at Pforzheim University includes an amount for the Pforzheim-Enz transport association (VPE). Students in Pforzheim can use services from VPE without a time limit when they present their current student ID in conjunction with their personal ID.
Surrender/Giving Back
Instead of the surrendering a rented property, we are mostly talking about moving in or out.

See Fax for the housing department.
Telephone Connection
All rooms/apartments/flats have a telephone jack. You must establish a connection with your phone company by yourself. Individual living groups have a common connection that the living group operates and pays for themselves. If you need to, you can cancel your payment by talking to your neighbors. You may want to think about problems with confidentiality, privacy, and finances that may arise with such telephone connections. In residence halls Klosterweg 7, Nancystraße 2, and Will-Andreas-Allee 11, 15 & 17 in Karlsruhe, there are telephone systems. You can register with your housemaster in these residence halls and use these phones without standard charges (Pre-paid numbers and calling via PreSelection are not possible here). You You pay a fee to your housemaster in cash, and you can call until the money you have paid is used up. For your room, you will need to bring a telephone with you (exception: in Nancystraße 2 you can borrow one for free).
Telephone Number for the Housing Department
Each office employee has a number you can direct dial. If you do not know this number or you have a general question, use the number +49 721 6909-200. With this number, you will reach the next free telephone line in the housing department, or if it is outside of our work hours, our answering machine.
Television and Broadcasting Contribution Fees
As of January 2013, each household has to pay a broadcasting contribution fee. Further Informationen can be found here.
Questions about your rental contract can be answered by the office employees in the housing department.
Each termination notice must be original and should go to the housing department, personally (visiting hours of the housing department) or through the mail (address of the housing department). That is the law for the tenant’s protection. You can find termination forms on our homepage, for Karlsruhe here, and for Pforzheim here. In every case, the second page of the termination form explains the important information. Questions about termination and termination deadlines can be gladly answered by our officials in charge.
Termination Deadline
The termination options and deadlines are regulated by your rental contract. Because these depend on the kind of contract you have, you should read § 17 and § 24 in your contract. Also see Termination.
Things to Bring (a recommendation)
You should bring dishes, hand and bath towels, washcloths, toilet paper, desk supplies, desk lamps, wastebaskets, electrical adapters (if applicable), a laptop/personal computer, plates, cups, glasses, silverware, groceries for two days (if applicable), pans, pots, can openers and other kitchen utensils, alarm clocks/clocks, radio/TV device, sponges, cleaning supplies, vacuum, trash bags, curtains, and other accessories to your residence hall. For Karlsruhe, we also recommend you bring a bicycle; see bicycle parking places.
Anywhere many diverse young people live together in a confined space, tolerance is required. This especially applies to lifestyles, religion, clothing, music/noise, cooking/food, which all could be very different from each other. Tolerance does not mean, however, that you can do whatever you want; Consideration for your neighbors in your residence hall and the surrounding houses is necessary day and night. “Freedom ends where it restricts the freedom of others.”
Unfortunately, for capacity reasons, usually neither we nor your housemaster can offer tours of dorms, rooms, apartments or flats. On our homepage you will find detailed descriptions of the student residences and also 360 ° tours of individual rooms. However, you are free to visit the dorms yourself. If you cannot meet the current tenants, you could look in the rooms on the floors above or below. Most of the rooms are the same or similar.
See public transportation.
Transfer to Third Parties
If you transfer your rented property to a third party (other peron), you have violated your rental contract, which may result in the termination of the lease by the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe.
Garbage collection in Germany is not uniformly organized and is not identical to the garbage collection in other countries. Therefore our tenants receive with their rental contract a paper titled “Abfall-Trennung in Karlsruhe” (waste sorting in Karlsruhe) or “Abfall-Trennung in Pforzheim” (waste sorting in Pforzheim). In Karlsruhe there is currently a bulky waste removal service twice a year. Bulky waste will not be picked up from residence halls; it must be brought to the local landfill or brought home to be disposed of.
Underground Garages, Garages
Where you can park your car in our underground carports or garages is stated on our homepage along with your corresponding residence hall. If you have a car that is taller than 1.9 m, you could have problem with the entrances. In some garages on St.-Georgen-Straße 15-17 in Pforzheim, only cars that are no longer than 4.3 m will fit.
Unfurnished Apartments
In these, you must bring your own furniture with you. Ceiling lights and kitchenettes are available, and most of the time curtain rods are also provided. See apartments or facilities for unfurnished apartments and rooms.
Unfurnished Flats
These are like unfurnished apartments, except only a sink is provided in the kitchen. See flats or facilities for unfurnished flats.
Validity of Applications for Admission
Your application is good for six months from its arrival to the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe. To ensure that our waiting list is always up to date, you will receive a "reminder email" at regular intervals during the validity of your application with the question whether you are still interested in a room or not. This mail contains a link that you must confirm. After these six months you can submit another application.
Visiting Hours for the Housing Department
You can visit the housing department Mondays through Fridays between 9:30 am and 12 noon, and additionally on Thursdays from 1:30pm to 3:30 pm in the Studentenhaus Karlsruhe, Adenauerring 7 (go through the main entrance of the Studentenhaus and then up the first flight of stairs). There you will find our offices in the mezzanine (rooms Z05 and Z06). If possible, please do not call during our office hours, because our visitors take priority over phone calls. See contact with the housing department for more information.
The Pforzheim-Enzkreis transport association (VPE) extends over about a 940 km² area, from Flehingen in the north to Bad Wildbad in the south, and from Singen in the west to Vaihingen/Enz in the east. It also serves around 400,000 people who live in the area with around 40 train stations and a 1,400 stop tram, train, and bus-line network. For more information see public transportation and Studi-Ticket Pforzheim.
If we cannot offer you a spot in one of our rental properties, then your application will be put on a waiting list, and unfortunately you will have to wait until you can receive a room in your desired location. The amount of time your application stays on the waitlist depends on the number of properties that become vacated and the number of people looking for a room. See validity of an application for admission and wait times.
Waiting Period
The time you stay on the waiting list depends on the supply and demand of rooms. In Karlsruhe, the wait can be between 1-3 semesters and in Pforzheim around 1 semester. A very early submission of your application does not guarantee a shorter time on the waitlist. See application deadlines.
Washing Machines and Dryers
In all residence halls there are washing machines, and most of them have accompanying dryers. You must bring your own laundry detergent and other washing supplies with you. You can activate most of them with a laundry card or your credit card using automated machines. Some machines take tokens, which you can receive from your housemaster or RA. In residence hall Waldhornstraße 36, you will receive a laundry card from your housemaster, which you can reload at a machine in the housemaster’s office. The cost of washing machines and dryers will be decided in the rent calculations (rent, cost of rent), and therefore will reduce your rent. Individual washing machines and dryers are only possible in residence hall Wolfartsweierer Straße 7 (for these we strongly recommend you have private accident insurance).
"Welcome... “
We welcome tenants from about 150 countries into our residences and respect them as individuals, because each person brings their own ideas, expectations, hopes, principles, characteristics, knowledge, etc with them (also about Germany, Karlsruhe, residence halls, living communities) and each has their own cultural or religious background (see Tolerance). Mutual learning and understanding is important. Information about your residence hall and your new ‘hometown’ for the next few months or years can be found in your rental contract on the paper “Welcome…”. You can also find information about your housemaster there.
Youth Hostels
In Karlsruhe and Pforzheim there is a youth hostel in each city. You should think of these options if you haven’t found a room, have arrived before your move in date, or must leave after your move-out date. More info can be found at www.jugendherberge-karlsruhe.de or www.jugendherberge-pforzheim.de.