Olga Veselkina

"1. Europe without borders - that was my main idea with this set. One should look at Europe as a whole, which in turn is characterized by its enormous diversity. This diversity is reflected in people, architecture, culinary art, cultures, traditions and customs, etc., which are unique to each country and often to each area. But one must not forget that this diversity has a common ground, which manifests itself in common history and experiences within Europe. In my set, the Rhine takes on the role of the connecting element between countries, cultures and ultimately humans. It starts in Switzerland and ends in the Netherlands, it is the common thread that guides us all over Europe.

2. From time to time to discover something beautiful, you have to change your perspective and look at the world with different eyes. That's what people often say in Russia. I took these pictures according to this motto. The things I photographed looked very "routine" at first glance, and what happened after the change of perspective can be judged by you!"