„Seeing through Different Eyes“
Juli 14th – 17th, 2016

The workshop "Seeing through Different Eyes" in Freiburg

This workshop takes place in various areas within the Visual Arts department at Freiburg's College of Education. Some rooms that will be used include the art and media room, the photo studio, and the photo lab. Everyone who participates in this workshop will introduced to different areas of art; for example, one can experiment with photo paper in the photo lab, learn how to handle the lighting equipment in the photo studio, work with Photoshop software in the art and media room, or learn about animation methods. In this introduction to art, everyone is free to discover different methods for themselves under guidance and supervision - no prior experience required! Tripods, photo cameras, and video cameras will be provided, but you can also bring your own. Curiosity and inquisitiveness desired.

Workshop supervisors

Prof. Dr. Michael Klant
Artist with background in the Fine Arts. Professor at Freiburg’s College of Education’s Visual Arts Department since 1991.

Thomas Oswald
Degree in Cinematography, Camera Man, studied under direction of Wim Wenders, among others.

The workshop „What It Means to Be Different“ in Karlsruhe

In addition to the workshop in Freiburg, there will also be workshops and discussion about what it means to be different in artist Andreas Helmling’s studio. International students can learn about the world of photography and sculpture under guidance, and everyone who participates will get to try out different photography equipment. At the end of the workshop, there will be a photo exhibition to show what everyone has learned.

Workshop supervisor

Andreas Helmling
Concrete and abstract sculptor, designer.
Sculpture Studio: www.andreashelmling.de


Questions? Want to participate in 2017?

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