How long does it usually take to process my submitted liability forms?
Ususally, your application will be processed in a timely manner and sent to the insurer for regulation. Once there, it will normally be processed within a week.
Am I liability and accident insured in other countries?
You will have liability insurance in other countries when it directly relates to your studies. Exceptions are cases of damage in the USA and Canada. The statuatory accident insurance covers accidents on the university campus or on the direct way to and from your university. For all other accidents, the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe offers a recreational accident insurance.
Am I insured during an iternship abroad?
Yes – except in the USA and Canada.
Does the liability insurance cover private damages?
No, it is not private liability insurance.
What is covered by statuatory accident insurance?
Only personal damages.
What is the principle of subsidiarity?
If your private liability insurance (if you are insured through your parents) doesn’t cover the damages, you can submit (starting from € 25.— damages) it to us in order to be checked by the insurance company.
What does the statutory accident insurance cover?
The statutory accident insurance (short UKBW) covers just the treatment under health insurance. This means, that it covers the costs, which the statutory health insurance would cover. It is not a private treatment!
What happens if I undergo private treatment after an accident?
If you have a private health insurance, you should tell this to the doctor/hospital before undergoing treatment.

The doctor/hospital has to write 2 receipts: one for the statutory accident insurance and one for your private health insurance, which has to cover the rest (treatments costs minus the part, which would be covered by a health insurance - as stated above).