Nightline Karlsruhe - by students for students

Who are we?
The Nightline is made up of students from various universities in Karlsruhe: From first-year students to Master's students and from MINT subjects to teaching and humanities and social sciences - we are a colourful mix. All students work here voluntarily in their free time. None of us are trained psychologists or counsellors, we are simply a fellow student you can call in the evening.

Who are we for?
True to the motto "by students for students", the service is primarily aimed at students at Karlsruhe universities, as we can best understand the student situation. If you don't study in Karlsruhe but are still looking for a sympathetic ear, we are of course there for you, too. Even if you are a staff member, doctoral student or professor, you are welcome to contact us.

What kind of requests are we open for?
In principle, we are open to anything that is on your mind. For example: exam stress, lovesickness, problems in your shared flat or loneliness. It doesn't matter if you have a specific concern or just need someone to listen to you, the Nightline always has an open ear for you during office hours.

You can find the service hours and telephone number here: