International Student Center (ISC) – a place to be a part of an international fellowship

Living intercultural relationships and, above all, experiencing them together is our goal for you at the ISC. This is how real integration can work for you as an international student at your university and in your everyday life in your adopted country!

We invite you to experience our international and intercultural programme and become part of a multinational community. With us, you can find a tandem language partner with whom you can improve your language skills in the language of your choice. We can also find you a mentor who will help you take your first steps in your new home country. You are also welcome to exchange ideas with other students at our international evenings.

We are also happy to help you with any concerns you may have. You can contact us anonymously and confidentially at any time!

"Your culture. Your exchange. Our concern." – Your International Student Center at Studierendenwerks Karlsruhe