Statutory Accident Insurance

Students are insured while studying or training at a University just as employees are insured against accidents at work (SGB VII). However, accident insurance will only cover students if an accident occurs on the University campus or on the direct way to or from the University. They are also covered when they are at University sports events. Only personal injuries are covered.

For Internships abroad, there are different requirements. The event or measure must be handled by the German University. This is required because the organizational responsibility of the University also covers studying abroad, because the university organized, monitored and preformed the study abroad.
However, the students are free to decide whether, when, and what facilities they will use when studying abroad as they apply to the context of their studies. The programs are not chosen based on a “doctorate law” from the university. Therefore there is no accident insurance coverage beyond the statutory accident insurance.

For university internships there is no direct influence from the college on the carrying out or running of the internship. The students are divided based on the operation of the internship companies. For these students the accident insurance is the responsibility of the institution responsible for the internship.