Dining Hall am Adenauerring

In the Dining Hall am Adenauerring, around 9,000 meals are freshly prepared every day during the lecture period and served on various lines. Our team prepares tasty and varied food in two industrial kitchens and ensures that everything runs smoothly with the highest hygienic standards.

Pasta, stir-fry dishes, soups, various side dishes and desserts, as well as vegan menus are always on offer. Several times a year, theme-specific speciality weeks round off our programme.

The Dining Hall am Adenauerring is also open during the lecture-free weeks.

Here you can enjoy our delicious pasta from our [pasta]werk®, as well as our homemade gnocchi and Maultaschen. Delicious side dishes, an extensive salad bar with antipasti and delicious dessert variations complete the menu.

The [kœri]werk® of the Mensa Moltke opened at the beginning of December 2016 and has been the place to go for curry sausage fans ever since. Our quality products are deliberately made without preservatives, flavour enhancers, gluten or lactose:

You can enjoy it as 100% veal sausage - made especially for us - or as a vegan version.

The spicy sauce is developed to our specifications and is finely balanced with the other components.

You can choose from six different curry blends in varying degrees of spiciness:

#1 #slightly hot#tart
#2 #mild#sweetish
#3 #slightly spicy#fruity
#4 #mild#warm
#5 #sharp#hearty
#6 #sharp#fiery

Get inspired by the description of each curry with our "notepads" and find your personal favourite combination!

Find out more about our [own]brands.
Here you can get delicious oven-fresh pizza, prepared right before your eyes. A changing menu always brings new pizza variations to the table. Of course, we also offer vegan pizzas! Round off your little "Italian" break with a fresh salad, Italian desserts or our certified organic espresso.

All dishes are of course also available to take away!

Find out more about our [own]brands.
Our pasta factory in the dining hall am Adenauerring!

Only the best for you:

[selected ingredients]
  • Water from the Upper Rhine Plain
  • Wheat flour from a mill in the region
  • our home recipe for pasta dough

[in-house production]
  • transparent production in our pasta factory
  • classics as well as weekly changing shapes

[homemade specialities]
  • Maultaschen, ravioli and other shapes
  • Gnocchi
  • Spätzle

Simply delicious!

Here you can find out more about our [own]brands.
Healthy and tasty food - under the brand name mensaVital, we offer you dishes on the vegan line in the Mensa am Adenauerring that are prepared with natural ingredients without flavour enhancers in a particularly vitamin-friendly and low-fat way.

A consortium of several Studierendenwerke developed mensaVital under the premise "Students need a light and balanced diet!" Under the brand name mensaVital, many Studentenwerke throughout Germany offer meals that stimulate the body, mind and taste buds in equal measure - perfect for keeping you mentally fit and full of energy during your daily work or study routine.

You can find more information about mensaVital here!


Mensa am Adenauerring
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Steffen Oertel

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