The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe is committed to sustainable management.

The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe has been an active member of the WIN-Charta since December 2021 and is committed to sustainability along with other companies from Baden-Württemberg. An important source of inspiration for sustainable management in Baden-Württemberg is the Economic Initiative for Sustainability (in German - WIN) as part of the sustainability strategy.

With the WIN-Charta, Baden-Württemberg is the only federal state to offer a system that offers small and medium-sized companies in particular easy to implement and transparent sustainability management. However, global corporations based in Baden-Württemberg are also part of the WIN-Charta, which, among other things, meets the requirements of the so-called CSR directive of the European Union for sustainability reporting. Climate-active companies can use an additional chapter in the WIN-Charta report to state their commitment in the area of climate protection.

Twelve guiding principles form the basis of the WIN-Charta. In terms of content, these cover the three pillars of sustainability, consisting of the areas of economy, ecology and social affairs. In addition, the twelve guiding principles of the WIN-Charta stand for common basic values and offer orientation points for implementation in a regional and local context. The WIN-Charta members not only implement sustainability internally, but also in the direct corporate environment - by means of a local WIN!-projects.

In the coming year, the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe will focus on the following guiding principles of the WIN-Charta:
  • Resources: „We increase resource efficiency, increase raw material productivity and reduce the use of natural resources.“
  • Energy and Emissions: „We use renewable energies, increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas on target or offset them in a climate-neutral manner.“
  • Sustainable innovations: „We promote innovations for products and services that increase sustainability and underline the innovation potential of economy in the Baden-Württemberg.“

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What is a sustainability report and what does it contain?

A sustainability report is a document that presents a company's environmental, social and governance sustainability performance. It shows the ecological and social impact of the core business as well as the sustainable commitment of the company. It is important to consider all sustainability dimensions to get a comprehensive picture. The sustainability report is created annually to review the sustainability goals that have been set and to identify potential risks at an early stage. For this purpose, relevant key figures are determined, which make the operational measures and services of the company measurable. The sustainability report thus provides a systematic overview of the company's ecological, economic and social developments and shows how the company is making its contribution to sustainability.

Here you can download our WIN-Charta report about our sustainability management for the year 2022.

Here you can download our WIN-Charta goal concept for the year 2022.
Here you can download our WIN-Charta report about our sustainability management for the year 2021.

Here you can download our WIN-Charta goal concept for the year 2021.