Your beratungsWERK - your information centre

In the beratungsWERK you will get answers to all your questions about studying. No appointment needed, in several languages and centrally located in the foyer of the dining hall Am Adenauerring.

You will recieve straightforward, well-founded answers to your questions. Whether you are interested in exchange programs, refugee counselling, international evenings, insurance, refund of social contribution, childcare and much more, your advisors have a wide range of knowledge.

Whether you want to ask your questions openly or in private, the beratungsWERK has the right space for every conversation.

The team at the beratungsWERK also has a variety of information brochures for you. In addition, you will find information online on many topics. Come by, check out our website, write us or give us a call, we look forward to informing and advising you!

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