Childcare facilities of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe

Usage regulation & contract data sheet

Usage regulation & contract data sheet
You can find the usage regulation for our childcare facilities and the contrat data sheet here.

Overview and information on our childcare facilities
Our KiTa-Flyer can be downloaded as a PDF here: Kita-Flyer

The monthly fees of our childcare facilities can be found here.

Here your child has fun while you attend lectures ...
Childcare Facilities

Studying with children can only be successful if you have time to study in addition to time to care for your child. For this reason we offer you two child-care facilities for the children of parents who study at a university in Karlsruhe or Pforzheim – the kindergarten facility “Blumenland“ and the day-care facility “Sternschnuppe.”

Of course, you may also use any other institution in Karlsruhe and Pforzheim to take care of your children. A list of all facilities can be found here.

Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe
Child care
in the beratungsWERK
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Visiting Hours
Mon - Fri 9:00 - 12:00

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