Counselling & help concerning your studies

Counselling services of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe

Going to university isn't always easy. You probably have questions that you need answers to. At the help lines of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe, we would be glad to help you with these questions. At the following advisory departments, the Studentenwerk can help you competently and free of charge.

Important note ...
Currently, for safety reasons, we can only receive files via email in PDF, JPEG, BMP, TIF, or PNG format. Please convert your files to meet the above conditions, otherwise they will not be forwarded by our system.

All counselling services at a glance:

Psychological Help (PBS)

Rudolfstraße 20
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: 0721 9334060
Fax 0721 9334065

Social Counselling
International Student Center
Adenauerring 7
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: 0721 6909-204

Telephone Counselling
Phone: 0800/111 0 111
Phone: 0800/111 0 222

Studying with children
Adenauerring 7
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: 0721 6909-117
Fax 0721 6969-116

Studying with a disability
Adenauerring 7
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: 0721 6909-147