sw-ka.de in a new look!

Our new website is live!

We are very happy finally to present you our completely reworked, technically renewed website in a modern and fresh look!

With a lot of love and work we have given our website a completely new look. From now on, the website is responsive, which means that the site visually adapts to all mobile devices. This means that our App UNIverse will be switched off in the future, as the functions of the app can now be mapped directly via the website!

The web address www.sw-ka.de remains the same, as well as your access data, if you have an account, for example to find a language tandem partner or to post an ad on our digital bulletin board and much more.

Have a look and browse through the new content!

We are looking forward to your feedback and hope that you like the new website as much as we do!


27.05.2022: No more mandatory masks in our facilities

Beginning Friday, 27.05.22, the mask requirement will no longer be in effect at all Student Union facilities.
This means that you no longer have to wear masks! If you feel more comfortable with a mask, you can of course continue to wear it at any time.


Fundraising for Ukraine in our canteens and cafeterias

From now on you can donate for Ukraine at the checkout in all our canteens & cafeterias if you wish.
  • How? If you want to donate something, you can simply take a corresponding card with the desired donation amount (0.50 €, 1 €, 2 € or 5 €) at the cash desk. This amount will then be deducted from your student ID card without cash.
  • How much? You can choose between a donation amount of 0,50 €, 1 €, 2 € & 5 €.
  • Where? At all cash desks of our refectories & cafeterias.


Umweltbewusster essen in unseren Mensen: Der Umwelt-Score

Transparenz in Sachen Nachhaltigkeit

Ab sofort ist in den Speiseplänen des Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe ein Umwelt-Score angegeben. Er basiert auf der Eaternity-Datenbank (EDB) und gibt mit einer Sterne-Bewertung an, wie klimafreundlich die Speisen pro Gericht sind. Dieser Eaternity-Score ist die erste Auszeichnung für eine Zukunft mit klimafreundlichen Lebensmitteln weltweit und wird zusammen mit Partnern aus der Wissenschaft errechnet.

Legende zum Umwelt-Score
Der Score bildet in vier Bereichen die Klimabelastung ab. Zunächst wird in den Speiseplänen zu jedem Gericht ein Durchschnittsscore errechnet und angezeigt. Dieser errechnet sich aus den Bewertungen der vier Bereiche Klima, Wasser, Tierwohl und Regenwald, deren Bewertung in der Detailübersicht einzusehen ist.

Alle Infos und Hintergründe zur Berechnung des Umwelt-Score findest du unter: