We can help you with financial constraints

We can grant you a short-term loan, if you justify your need by the existence of special circumstances.

These are the requirements for a short-term loan:
  • you have one directly enforceable guarantee with income statement.
  • you are registered at one of the nine universities in Karlsruhe or Pforzheim (current certificate of enrolment).

You have to submit the following documents to ensure that your application can be processed:
  • one certified declarations of guarantee: the certification can be obtain at the city hall, county hall, bank or notary office.
  • a certificate of earnings from the guarantor
  • the completed application for a loan
  • the completed application for transfer of the loan / banking data
  • a current certificate of enrolment or the student ID

If you meet all of the requirements we will grant you an one-time interest-free loan in the amount of 410 €. The repayment must be made within the next six months.

You can apply online here.