What support can I receive as a single parent?

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We gathered helpful tips for anyone who is raising their child alone temporarily or permanently while they are studying. You can also find addresses of contact persons who can answer further questions. Do you know other tips and contact points that are not listed here but would be very helpful for other single parents? Then write to us. We are very happy to welcome you!

If you already know that you will be a single parent after birth, please note this:
More information: Counselling on pregnancy

You can find a compilation of important advice and support offers for single parents in Karlsruhe here.
After the birth, you may be able to receive alimony from the other parent. The respective height can be estimated according to the "Düsseldorf Table". If you have conflicts about alimony, contact your family law attorney. If you have a low income, you may receive advice and legal aid. Ask your legal representative or go to the local district court.

The department of Assistance also answers questions about alimony.

If one parent does not pay any or insufficient alimony, you can contact the advanced alimony fund. You can also submit an application to the job center for additional needs due to single parenting.

A compilation of important advice and support offers for single parents on the following topics:
  • pregnancy and birth
  • legal protection and financial support
  • personal problems, family difficulties and violence
  • meeting points
  • holiday offers and Karlsruhe Children's Pass
  • career orientation and qualifications
  • applications

can be found here.