Psychological problems while studying can be expensive for students as well as the universities!
Repeated examinations are necessary, the duration of study is extended, there are changes in area of study and even dropouts. The universities in Karlsruhe and Pforzheim have a legitimate interest in this and are responsible for ensuring that students are able to study successfully, especially in the event of personal difficulties.

Against this backdrop, it makes sense to bring different people and institutions together at one table to exchange ideas. Since March 2009, the PBS has been initiating round-table discussions on a regular basis, bringing together an interested group of participants from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, the Rectors' Offices and employees of the various universities, student representatives, Deutsches Studentenwerk in Berlin, the Employment Agency, the Student Communities, etc. Content from the consultancy work formed the basis for the exchange. The PBS was able to take the opportunity to inform a diverse group of people about students' psychological difficulties, to draw attention to the counselling services offered and to encourage or develop cooperative projects of prevention and support.

Topics so far:
  • "Students´ psychological problems - also a problem of the universities" (October 2009)
  • "Dropouts - causes and prevention possibilities" (October 2009)
  • "A problem with multiple facets - councelling work of the PBS as an example for learning difficulties and exam performance" (June 2010)
  • "The secret of success - how students and universities can contribute to a successful and healthy study" (May 2011)
  • "From school to university - challenges in a transit area" (October 2012)
  • "Still normal, cause for concern or need for action? Dealing with conspicuous students" (November 2013)
  • "Necessary, allowed, forbidden? – Failing your studies" (July 2016)

You can find information about the next round table discussion here.