We are happy to be there for you - confidentially, of course!

PBS Karlsruhe
Rudolfstraße 20
76131 Karlsruhe
PBS-branch Pforzheim
Blumenhof 6, Gebäude der Caritas
75175 Pforzheim
Registration and Information
Mon -Fri 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
PHone: +49 721 9334060
Please contact us only during office hours.
For contact via e-mail please note the following information:
  • Would you like to schedule an appointment for counselling, or do you have any questions regarding our services?
    For organizational reasons, appointments can only be made by phone or in person. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.
  • You have already used our consulting services and would like to ask something or tell us something?
    Due to our obligation to data privacy and confidentiality we are prohibited from communicating via unencrypted emails. We kindly request of you to employ email encryption. Only then we can respond to you in encrypted form. Information on the encryption of e-mails as well as the respective keys to our e-mail addresses can be found at the bottom.
    Alternatively, you are welcome to call or come by during our office hours.
  • You are not seeking counseling service and your mail does not refer to the use of our counseling offer?
    In this case, we may and will also reply to you unencrypted. For your protection of privacy however we encourage you to encrypt your mails.

    Mails will not be forwarded to third parties. If the matter is urgent, please contact our office: +49 721 9334060
  • Counselling via e-mail:
    For conceptual reasons we do not offer counselling exclusively via email. It is important to us to counsel you as a whole person. That’s why we want to learn to know you first (more information: FAQ). If you would like to contact us in the ongoing process via email (after one or more personal conversations have already taken place), please use the possibility of PGP encryption.
  • PGP encryption:
    Inquiries via email and their contents are handled confidentially and are subject to legal confidentiality. They will not be disclosed to unauthorized third parties. However, information is transmitted openly on the internet. Unless special precautions are taken to ensure confidentiality or integrity, unauthorized persons may take note of or change messages. Therefore, the Studierendenwerk supports the exchange of confidential messages via Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Information about PGP encryption can be found, among other things. also on the websites of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Encrypted messages are sent following three steps:

  1. Install GnuPG, PGP or a similar ↗ program onto your computer.
  2. Donwload the public key of the desired email address (see table below) onto your computer and include it in your public key set (pubring.pkr).
  3. Store your information, which you want to send, in a file (eg. Attachment.txt) and encrypt it with the pubic key of each contact in the PBS.

PGP keys of the PBS
E-mail: pbs@sw-ka.de | click here for download >> PGP - PBS