Graduation without worrying about money

Are you on the verge of graduating, have no time for a side job, and can’t receive BAföG anymore?

We can support you in financial distress shortly before graduation with a graduation loan.

These are the requirements for a graduation loan:
  • you are in your last two semesters or last academic year
  • one of your professors can confirm in writing that a successful graduation is to be expected.
  • you have one directly enforceable guarantee with income statement.
  • you are registered at one of the nine universities in Karlsruhe or Pforzheim.

You have to submit the following documents to ensure that your application can be processed:
  • one certified declaration of guarantee: the certification can be obtained at the city hall, county hall, bank or notary office.
  • a certificate of earnings from the guarantor
  • the completed application for a loan.
  • the completed application for transfer of the loan / banking data.
  • one statement from a professor or lecturer

If you meet all of the requirements we will grant you an interest-free loan with a maximum duration of five years. You will have to repay the amount granted, a maximum of 5000 €, in instalments of minimum 125€ per month within four years’ time. There is a service charge of two percent of the amount granted.

You can apply online here.