chicco di caffè Pforzheim

Coffee specialities for the break - chicco di caffè
Picturesque and with a wonderful view over the city, our bar is located at Pforzheim University. Large, bright and with large windows, it invites you to drink coffee and linger.

At Tiefenbronner Straße 65 we offer a wide range of classic coffee specialities as well as drinking chocolates, high-quality teas and Chai Tea Latte. To refine our beverage creations, we have a selection of high-quality syrups and fine coffee spices ready for you and also spoil you daily with special daily offers, which we prepare for you - like all our beverages - to enjoy on the spot or gladly on the go.

We prepare all coffee drinks classically on a filter machine and always with freshly ground espresso. We pay attention to the best origin of the green coffee, which we roast ourselves in our own roastery using the traditional handicraft drum roasting method. Our espresso beans and coffees are also CO2-neutral. All the ingredients of our speciality coffees can be 100 percent traced and named. Our coffees are first roasted individually, then thoroughly blended and their taste perfected in numerous tastings.

chicco di caffè GmbH
Tiefenbronner Straße 65
75175 Pforzheim

Contact person:
Franziska Bozkurt

phone: +49 89 45244858