Dear parents,

today the concept of family is very broad. The diversity of family models continues to increase and the image of the family is changing rapidly. Families are no longer a static image, but a unique life experience.
A father-mother-child family can become a “single-parent family” through separation. This in turn can change into a patchwork family as soon as the mother or father moves in with a new partner. There is so-called “co-parenting” when parents living apart fulfill their parenting duties equally. Family is increasingly living multi-locally, as the social scientist Rüdiger Peuckert says.

Today's parents ask themselves many questions about parenting. They have a high need for information and often a desire for professional advice and help. They often seek contact with other parents in similar life situations. In this context, the state of Baden-Württemberg has initiated the further development of daycare facilities into family centres. The aim is to provide advice and support for families.

The daycare facilities run by the Studierendenwerk have space for a total of 95 children. Intercultural work is very important because our students' children come from all over the world. For years, we have been offering families the opportunity to exchange ideas about intercultural similarities and differences in the spirit of living together.

In order to combine resources of personnel and space, the daycare facilities of the Studierendenwerk act as family centres, which means that both facilities see themselves as places of education, care, advice, support and encounter and organize events in this matter. With this in mind, I wish you and us a good cooperation and a warm welcome to diversity.

signed Michael Postert
Managing director of the Studierendenwerk

Family Centre
Kinderhaus Blumenland
Adlerstraße 26
76133 Karlsruhe

Head of Centre:
Sarah Dreis