Enjoy culture & experience events together ...

... a must in college! After all, it's been proven that if you want to be successful and happy, you have to have the right work-life balance. Among all the tips for a good work-life balance, these points are always there: Meet your friends. Enjoy your life. Get moving. Reflect on yourself. And where better to implement these tips than in your free time, enjoying and experiencing culture and events together?
At an art exhibition, think about something completely different, and poof, there's suddenly the idea for the outline of the seminar paper! Dancing the night away with your fellow students, the counter-program to lonely cramming at your desk at home! And reflect on the fact that stress is okay for you, but that free time is also important as a balance.

Here you will find many possibilities to organize your free time around the campus.
If you have further tips for us, please contact us! We are happy if we can make your free time more colorful.