Housing partnerships

Students help with daily chores and in exchange pay lower rent

You are looking for accommodation, you are a student at a university in Karlsruhe or Pforzheim, and you are interested and involved in social initiatives?

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is the right thing for you! The Paritätische Sozialdienste has been offering accommodation for students in cooperation with the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe since 2008. Instead of paying rent, students help with daily chores and only pay for utilities.

Mostly elderly people are offering a spare room. The students go shopping for them, help out in the house and garden, take the dog out, accompany the doctor or the theatre. Many appreciate the company and the conversations with the younger generation. Care services are excluded. Even families are open to such a housing partnership: the student can help with homework or with the kids, and do some laundry.
Both students and housing providers state their wishes and interests in detailed questionnaires. Housing providers name the help and support they need; students note what help they are happy to provide. We also require students to submit a certificate of enrollment and information about previous knowledge and motivation. The questionnaire for students can be found below under “Downloads. ”
We meet the prospective students as well as the housing providers – so we can bring together suitable candidates.
The general rule is: 1 sqm housing = 1 hour of help per month.
Example: A female student is renting a 16-sqm room from an elderly lady. Bathroom, kitchen and balcony are shared. The student is committed to help 16 hours per month. The rent is dropped, but the student pays the costs for utilities (electricity, gas, water, garbage collection).
There can be exceptions from this rule, but this must be discussed beforehand.
Once students and accommodation providers have got to know each other and have agreed on moving in, both parties sign a contract with each other. We are happy to support you in drafting the contract. We are also available to advise on any questions that may arise during the subsequent period.
The students must be enrolled at a university in Karlsruhe or Pforzheim. At the end of the studies, the housing partnership ends. Students who want stay with their housing partners must sign a new contract. However, they no longer have an accident and liability insurance via the Studierendenwerk.
Information on the project and current housing partnership offers can be found on the webpage https://www.paritaet-ka.de/fuer-seniorinnen/wohnen-fuer-hilfe-wohnpartnerschaften/ or on facebook http://www.fb.com/wfh.karlsruhe.
Or call us at 0721 – 91230-0 or send us an e-mail: wohnen@paritaet-ka.de.

If you would like to apply to Wohnen für Hilfe, please fill out our application form and send it to us.

Your application, which you submit to Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe, will be forwarded directly to the Paritätische Sozialdienst for processing.

The offer is a real alternative for students who can imagine living and socializing together. Unfortunately, the offer is currently only valid for Karlsruhe.

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