The concept of our day-care facilities

We, as educational experts, see children as eager to learn, competent, and independent people with individual needs, interests, and development rhythms. For this reason, we consider ourselves to be supportive, observational education and development companions, who endeavored the autonomy of children. Therefore, we also place great emphasis on involving children in decision-making processes (for e.g. in the preparation of a meal or before purchasing a new gym apparatus or playground equipment). Depending on their age, the children contribute their individual needs and wishes at the children's conference.

Gender-sensitive pedagogy means that we do not specify stereotyped gender roles and provide each child regardless of their gender access to all game materials. We support the trying out of male and female behavior and the development of an individual gender identity. Above all, we promote equality between girls and boys.

Cultural diversity is part of the daily routine in the day-care facility through our international profile. Children as well as their parents can present their families and origins at our “family walls”. Diversity is for us a quality concept. Together with the children, we explore the differences and similarities of various cultures. Our children’s library includes foreign-language books; therefore, we will gladly ask you to read on occasion. We place great emphasis on ensuring that all types of people are represented, including those with different skin and hair color, as well as gender or age groups. We also care to show off other features such as eyeglasses, wheelchairs, and prostheses.

We also accommodate children with disabilities. This offers us, as educational professionals, you, and your children the opportunity to experience inclusion and learn to understand it as normal, as well grow by working with people with disabilities. We promote resilience at our universities, which is being empathetic or coping with crisis situations and stress with the help of individual or intermediated resources. This is a key skill in an increasingly performance-based society. Secure attachments, sense of self-efficacy, but also good self-esteem are the foundation for socially competent and strong children. It is the desire of our educational specialists to create an environment that best supports the development of your children.

In connection to the orientation plan for education in day-care facilities in Baden-Württemberg, we promote and urge our children in the areas of

  • language, writing and communication,
  • personal / social development, as well as values education / faith formation,
  • mathematics, science, (information) technology,
  • musical education,
  • fine art,
  • media education,
  • healthcare awareness,
  • body awareness and movement,
  • nature and environment,
  • cultural environment.

Our goal is to provide all children the best possible development environment as early as possible. We help children to discover their individual interests and talents with other children.

A good and reliable bond between us, as education and development companions, and the children is a great environment for learning values and gaining knowledge. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to constantly develop and maintain relationship security not only during the adaptation period, but during the entire time.

Furthermore, one of our tasks is to document the educational processes, interests and preferences of your child and to reflect on them. You as parents, as well as your children and us as educational companions can encourage the formation of new processes using a portfolio custom-made for your children. In the portfolio, we record the most important developments and progress as well as the approach of your children in solving problems or questions they pose to the world. While managing the portfolio, we are in constant dialogue with the children; after all they are the authors of their development biography.

We are very dedicated and undergo continuous training in terms of their educational processes. We are trained on how to reflect in team meetings and are supervised by systematic teams.

What makes us so special?

Student parents: Due to our close proximity to the South Campus (Day nursery "Blumenland") and the Campus West (Day-care center "Sternschnuppe") the distances to the facilities are short and save time. You often have to be flexible due to your studies. Because of this, we offer 10 hours assistance from 7:30 to 17:30.

Cultural diversity: Because the studying parents have different nationalities, the component of interculturality is added to our repertoire. We see cultural diversity as a quality; we nurture it, learn from it and use the linguistic diversity of children and parents as a resource.

Berlin Settling Model: With the 5 steps of the Berlin Settling Model based on findings in attachment and brain research, we can help you and your child with the transition to daycare. Therefore, please read our acclimatization flyer in german or english.

Lunch: Lunch is prepared daily with regard to hygienic standards (HACCP standards) and the requirements of institutions for early childhood daycare. A healthy snack is provided in the morning and afternoon. Once a week we bake our own bread.Very fresh – still warm from the oven – it tastes best with butter.
Regarding food, we focus on regionality, quality, resource conservation and animal welfare. You can read the details on our food standards here.

Cooperation with parents:

  • Impromptu doorway discussions: spontaneous and important discussions during bringing and picking up the child
  • Parents council
  • Parents cafés: to get to know each other
  • Development discussions: feedback on the development, strengths and interests of the child
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Projects: e.g. cooking with parents
A good communication with the parents ensures transparency and optimization in the care of your children.