Use busses, trams and railway transportation!
Use busses, trams and railway transportation!
For those who live in or near the city, it is very convenient to use buses, trams, and railway transportation. Time table information is provided through the website of the Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund or for Pforzheim through the website of the Verkehrsverbund Pforzheim-Enzkreis GmbH (VPE) or through the electronic time table information Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Monday to friday between 18:00 and 06:00, as well as on weekends and holidays you can use your student ID as a ticket for the KVV network. All children under the age of 14 can also travel for free. In addition, the Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund (KVV) offers students of Karlsruhe universities the so called "Studikarte" at a current price of 168,90 Euro (Status September 2021). This ticket is valid for the duration of one semester within the whole network of the KVV.

The ticket is sold at the:

Please bring along your student ID and a KVV-certificate (in paper form).

KVV connection ticket
Students who have a student ticket from the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar (VRN) or the Heilbronner-Hohenloher-Haller Nahverkehrsverbund (HNV) can buy a KVV connection ticket for 213 Euro (Status September 2021).
Available only at the KVV service points and DB railway stations.

Students of Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences can use their student ID as a ticket for the network of the Verkehrsverbund Pforzheim-Enzkreis (VPE) for the whole duration of the semester.

For more information about the student ticket, everyone is welcome to read this research paper in German (Author: Tim Schaffarzyk).
Das Semesterticket in Karlsruhe und die Ergebnisse der Umfrage zu dessen Nutzung


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