Welcome to our Resident Assistant Program

New beginnings are always difficult! As an international student, it is not always easy to find one’s way in new surroundings, and support of any kind is welcomed. The international students in residence halls are supervised and supported by residence assistants.

The residence assistants are points of contact for international residents if they have concerns, problems, or questions. The work of the resident assistants contributes to the improvement of living conditions and integration of the international students. The resident assistants also organize cultural events to strengthen the sense of community and achieve successful integration.

The resident assistants are guided and supported by the staff of the International Student Center. An intercultural workshop is organized each semester for the resident assistants. The topics of the training include intercultural communication, awareness, conflict resolution, and personal experience. The resident assistants gain basic knowledge about working with international students, and can exchange personal experiences with one another.

Student dorm dictionary

Living at a student dorm – an illustrated dictionary

Are you an international student who just arrived in Germany?
Don’t want to carry a dictionary with you?
Try the illustrated dictionary as an app for your smartphone, which will make your life easier!

More information can be found here.

Illustrated dictionary in PDF:

German, Chinese and English

German, French and Spanish

German, French and Arabic

German, Polish and Russian

Health dictionary

First Aid – an illustrated health dictionary: information for foreign students in Germany

From A to Z – the illustrated health dictionary contains general overview information in German and English for foreign students. There is information about health insurance and going to the doctor. Facts and vocabulary are explained through dialogues, short texts, and scenes on the campus: package inserts, wire transfer, vaccination cards etc. The dictionary was designed by graphic designer Florian Geppert, who also designed the “Living in a student dorm – an illustrated dictionary”.

Health dictionary in PDF:

German - English

Mensa dictionary

The „Illustrated Mensa Dictionary“ accompanies three students on their daily journey through the dining hall. Food and drinks, the cashless payment system, the list of ingredients and regional differences are explained in three languages ​​(German, English and Chinese).


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